Transfer to Naxos Island

If you want to rest wasn’t only calm and measured, but also exciting? Do you dream to visit there, where green hills and steep cliffs, clean beaches and azure sea? Then we recommend to pay attention to the Greek island of Naxos. Here everyone will find an interesting lesson for themselves.

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Naxos is one of the largest islands of the Cycladic archipelago in the Aegean Sea. He became famous thanks to the deposits of marble and emery, the extraction of which was carried out since ancient times. In addition, it is a popular tourist destination, like Santorini and Kos.

In the historical center there are many ancient monuments and sights. The symbol of the island is the gate of Portara, the ruins of the unfinished temple of Apollo. This is the first thing that tourists see when they arrive in Naxos. Over the eponymous city in the mountains towers the Venetian fortress. It was built by rich Italian merchants in the XIV century on a hill. From there a wonderful panorama of the surroundings and the sea opens. 3 kilometers from the center is the Cathedral of St. John Chrysostom, the protector and patron of Greece.

South of the port is the Castle of Bazeos of the XVII century. For several centuries it served as a monastery for monks, then it was bought by the Bazeos family and rebuilt. Now this is a magnificent and majestic palace, where in our time there are guided tours and art exhibitions. Once a year, national festivals are held.

Naxos is Greece's largest seaport. The most common transport is a ferry or catamaran. They can be reached not only to neighboring islands, but also to the mainland. Also buses go to nearby cities. For example, Filoti, Melanes and Agia. The bus station is located on the waterfront. Working hours are daily from 07:00 to 21:45. Here you can rent a car with a driver, order a taxi or rent a scooter and a bicycle.

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