Transfer to Borneo

If the usual routes are bored and you want something new, go to Borneo. He ranks third largest in the world. Here you can meet amazing sunrises and sunsets, try sky-jumping or swim with the sea turtles in the ocean. The most courageous tourists dive to the bottom with scuba diving to see reef sharks that are up to 100 centimeters in length.

How to get to Borneo? International flights arrive daily to the island. Already from the airport to the center shuttles and taxis ply. In order not to waste energy after a long flight, book in advance a transfer across Borneo.

Borneo is the largest island resort in Asia. On its territory there are three states at once: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

In the Indonesian part of the island, you can go mountain hiking in the jungle, relax on the beaches, go diving training and get an international certificate. Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the island.

Borneo has many old sights. Go to the city of Pontianak, which is located at the confluence of two rivers. On the shore of one of them, the authorities of Indonesia erected a monument to the equator. The center houses the XVIII century Abdurrahman mosque in Malayan style. Carved figures adorn the walls, frames and doors of the building. The Sultan's Palace, Kadriarch, is located 2 kilometers away, where an exhibition of relics and personal belongings of the royal family is held every year.

If you continue to walk in the city center, then you can walk to the historical museum. The exhibition presents a collection of porcelain, painting by local craftsmen and household items.

The next day, visit the “Indonesian Venice”. In Banjarmasin you can go boating and visit the markets on the water. In Queen, they sell vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood, in Lokbaintan sell traditional decorations, clothes and things for home decoration.

The island has many national parks and reserves. It is interesting in the Information Center of Rafflesia, where this largest and rare flower grows. The most visited are the park "Kinabalu" at the foot of the mountain of the same name and "Bako" with cliffs, going down into the sea.

How to move around the island? In Borneo, popular buses and minibas. From 07:30 to 22:00, the City Bus runs between major cities and the surrounding area; Local Bus runs from the center to distant areas. The island has a railway linking the city of Tenom with Tanjung Aru. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, a steam locomotive enters the route and makes a sightseeing tour for tourists.

You can get to the tropical islands and remote places of Borneo by ferry or boat. They leave every day from Jesselton Point station from 09:00 to 17:00. If you want to move freely on your own route, we recommend renting a car with a driver in Borneo through the service

When traveling you need to enjoy every day and make new discoveries. Take care of the organizational moments in advance so that you don’t have to think about it during the rest.