Transfer in Ireland

If you want to go to Ireland, you need to know where to stay and how to get somewhere. You can find a comfortable room on booking websites and book a transfer in Ireland on

Ireland was the colony of Great Britain and became independent in 1921. The country takes the largest part of the island Ireland. It is washed by the Irish Sea in the east and the other three parts by the Atlantic ocean. Lots of tourists go there to see antiquities, country sights and enjoy fascinating northern nature and listen to the folk legends.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, it is a provincial city with well-groomed parks and gardens, small public houses, pubs and private souvenir shops. It is worth to visit Saint Patrick Cathedral, Dublin Zoo, the museum of beer and many others. You will enjoy staying in Shannon, Cork and Clifden. You can travel between cities using the passengers’ transportation services in Ireland.

In Belfast, there is the museum of “Titanic”. It was here where the legendary ship was built and set sail for the first time. It is an unusual experience to have an excursion in the local prison. The horrible Crumlin Road keeps many secrets and mysterious stories and excites the imagination of tourists and locals.

On the 17th of March people celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland. He is the patron of Ireland and the catholic religion. In the morning, there is a parade and in the evening there are events with the national dance, concerts and other pastimes. People dress up green clothes because this colour as clover is the symbol of Saint Patrick.

Mild oceanic climate of the country is characterised by the unsettled weather. The only permanent thing in this climate is rain: umbrellas and waterproof raincoats are “must-have” accessories for locals and tourists. In summer, the weather is stable from +15 °С to +23 °С and in winter season it is from 0 °С to +8 °С.

Transfer in Ireland is the easiest and most comfortable way to get from the airport to the destination. In the northern country is worth to go due to positive emotions and “love of life” lifestyle. The national dance, Guinness, legends, mysterious castles and Saint Patrick that is all you need to know while travelling to Ireland.