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Before you travel to Ireland you need to know two things: where to stay and how to use transport. The obvious and affordable way is certainly to rent a car with a driver in Ireland. It is easier to get from the airport not by taxi, but by pre-booked transfer to Ireland on the online service Among the many proposals you will like and price, and a high level of professionalism of carriers. Transfer is the safety and comfort of your trip.

Do not confuse the country with Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. Ireland was also a colony of "Great Britain" and only in 1921 gained full independence. Now this country occupies most of the island of Ireland, is washed in the east by the Irish Sea, and from three other directions by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very popular tourist country: history, ancient relics and sights, legends and fabulous northern nature harmoniously coexist in a small kingdom.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is famous for the friendly atmosphere of a provincial town with cobbled streets, small taverns, pubs and private souvenir shops. There is little modern architecture, which is compensated for by well-kept gardens and parks. It is worth visiting the Dublin Zoo, certainly the Beer Museum, St. Patrick's Cathedral and other memorable places. Popular cities are also Shannon, Cork, Clifden and many others. To get from one city to another, you can use the services for the carriage of passengers in Ireland from our service.

It is interesting that in Ireland there is a museum of the Titanic. In Belfast, that legendary ship with a tragic history was built and launched. Unusual will be an excursion in the same town to a local prison. The eerie Crumlin Road carries a lot of stories and riddles, stirring the minds of tourists and local people.

Visiting the country in mid-March, should know about the holiday, held on March 17. St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland in the Catholic religion, is celebrated magnificently and magnificently. In the morning a parade is held, and day and night are accompanied by traditional events: folk dances, concerts and other entertainments. On this day, all dress up in green clothes, which, along with the clover is a symbol of St. Patrick.

To get acquainted with the local architecture it is necessary, namely with locks, which are located practically in every county. The most famous are Bunratty, Cloghen, Ballly and the castles of King John.

Moderate oceanic climate of the country is characterized by unstable weather conditions. The only constant in the country is the rain: umbrellas and waterproof raincoats are the absolute mast-hev of the population and travelers. In summer, the weather stably adheres to the frame from + 15 ° C to 23 ° C, and in winter - from 0 ° C to + 8 ° C. Neither give nor take, and yet Ireland is a northern country.

Recipes and traditions in the preparation of dishes the Irish inherited from their ancestors. For example, the secret of cooking meat is simple: fry on charcoal, adding a little salt and pepper. The local population is not choosy in choosing the main product of dishes: it can be a bird, and fish, pork or beef. Especially the cooks are proud of the stew, mashed potatoes with onions and stewed cabbage with bacon. All the food is nutritious, because the territory of Ireland once lived Vikings. From drinks irreplaceable are Guinness and other popular grades of beer, ale, porter.

Book a transfer to Ireland for comfortable movement and stay in the country. It is worth traveling to recharge with positive emotions and become infected with the local population with a "love of life" here. Folk dances, Guinness, legends, mysterious castles and Saint Patrick are what you should know about when you go to a bright country.