Transfer to Eilat

A city where the sun shines all the time, and the temperature of the sea doesn’t drop below 25 degrees. Eilat is a popular resort in Israel, where everyone finds something interesting for themselves. Diving, sea excursions or relaxing on the beach. The tourist infrastructure is developed here, and new hotels are built every year. When planning a trip, book a transfer from Eilat Airport via in advance. So, don’t have to wait for the bus to get to the center.

The southern capital of Israel isn’t only a port, but also a zone of duty-free trade near the border with Jordan. The main attractions are mountains, sea, flora and fauna. On the territory of Eilat there is a unique reserve "Coral Reef", which attracts divers and snorkelers. Especially for them under the water installed buoys, so it was easier to navigate the depth. The Dolphin Reef, an excellent site, is often met by large marine animals. In the Marine Park are rare species of fish, corals and plants. On the ground floor of the building there is a underwater observatory with a glass floor, so that it would be more convenient to observe the inhabitants of the coast. Part of the living "exhibits" glows in the dark, so tourists come to the park even at night.

The Eilat Mountains are an ornament not only of the city, but of all Israel. Special walks along the rocks were made for hiking. So along one route you can walk to the Red Canyon.

The valley of Timna is an ancient landmark, where copper was already mined in the X century BC. In the caves, a special exposition is organized with items obtained during the excavations of archaeologist Nelson Gluck. Near the valley is the lake of the same name. On the shore, events and music festivals are often held.

In 35 km from here the reserve "High Bar Yotvata" was founded. The main part is mammals, there are also predators, reptiles and birds. How to get to Eilat back? From here, there are free buses to the city center or you can book a transfer at

The city has a line of buses and shuttles. The stop is at the Central Station. Opening hours are from 5:00 to 23:00. Directions are regional and international, the latter are indicated by three-digit numbers on the display of the driver. Tickets are purchased through terminals. During Shabbat or other religious holidays, transportation doesn’t work. Tourists are offered to rent a bicycle, which is delivered to anywhere in the city, providing a protective helmet and a detailed map of the city.

Israel is a country of biblical legends, medical resorts and unique reserves. Book a transfer in Eilat, so that the journey takes place in comfortable conditions.