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Sicily attracts more than 9 million tourists annually. Catania is one of the most popular resorts of this island. When planning a holiday, don't forget to choose a hotel and take care of the options for travel. If you don't know how to get to Catania, book a transfer service through The site offers a wide selection of cars, which is suitable for any company. Travel with comfort!

Catania is the oldest port city, located on the coast of Sicily near the active volcano Etna. Most of the quarters were rebuilt from the frozen lava after the eruption in 1669. Since that time, the facades of some of the surviving houses are covered with soot and ash. Now it is a commercial center of Sicily with developed economy and cultural sphere. Here is one of the largest state universities, where students from all over the world study.

There are many interesting monuments on the Cathedral Square. On the elevation of the Fontana del Elephant Fountain there is a small black elephant with an upturned trunk. It is a symbol of Catania from ancient times, when dwarf elephants lived on the island. It is interesting to make a tour of the historical part: the Roman theater, the acropolis and the forum. The city also features classical Italian architecture: the cathedrals of Santa Agata, San Giuseppe al Duomo and San Beneditto.

Around Etna, Sicily National Park was opened, where local and tourists are happy to go on trekking or just walking around during the day. Excursion groups lead to the very top of the volcano.

In Catania there is no metro, trams and city rail lines. The main type of public transport is buses. Opposite the station there are stops of routes No. 457, which run around the city, No. 1 and No. 3, which go to Etna, and also No. 4, No. 5 and No. 7. In summer, the administration of Catania launches a special flight "D" in the direction of "Piazza Ji Verda - sandy beaches". Many tourists prefer to know the terrain on foot or take bicycles at the rental. If you need to order a taxi - call the local company "CST". The cost of the trips is fixed.

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