Transfer to Palermo

The capital of the Italian island of Sicily annually attracts more than 7 million travelers. Here history is combined with modernity. Near the ancient ruins, fashionable boutiques and luxury hotels have been built. The blending of architectural styles gives a special charm to the city. Book your transfer to Palermo on the website and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

In the XII century it was the most powerful port in Europe. Over the centuries, the territory was occupied by the Arabs, and after them is the Normans. The conquests were reflected in the culture and local traditions of the Sicilians. On the island there are many mosques, Catholic cathedrals and palaces.

On the Freedom Square stands Palazzo Normanni, the former royal residence, which is a unique historical monument. The building embodies the blending of Arabic, Byzantine and European art. Now it houses the Parliament of Palermo. Nearby is the Palatine Chapel, where tourist excursions take place.

Spiritual symbol is the church of La Martorana XII century. It is an active Catholic church, where mass is held regularly. Inside the walls are decorated with Byzantine mosaics, the oldest on the island.

"Catacombs of Capuchins" is mysterious and attractive museum. Under the ground are the funerary galleries of the Sicilian nobility of the XVI - XIX centuries. This is the most famous tomb of mummies. Thanks to a special composition of air, the bodies remain without temporary changes.

In Palermo, attractions are everywhere, as well as in Rome or Florence. Take a walk on the historic center. It consists of four districts: Kalsa, Seralkadio, La Lodja and Albergeria. Several centuries ago, the fountain of Shame was built in Kalsa. It is decorated with nude statues with detailed anatomical images. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the symbol of Seralcadio. There are exhibitions of royal jewelry and household items. Gastronomic tours are held in La Lodja, where many traditional pizza restaurants and local Sicilian cuisines are open. Albergeria is popular thanks to the flea market of Ballaro. Take advantage of car rental with a driver in Sicily, to feel the atmosphere of the island and see its surroundings.

Palermo has an excellent transport infrastructure. More than 80 bus lines. From the bus station you can get to the main attractions on the route routes №103, №104 and № 105. 12 metro stations connect the city center with distant quarters and environs. Tickets are purchased from drivers or conductors. Between the island and large settlements, train trains run from the square Giulio Cesare. Travel time from 40 to 90 minutes.

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