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Planning a trip, you need to think in advance where to stay, what sights to see and how to get from the airport to the city. If you decide to visit sunny Italy and chose medieval Pisa, book a transfer through the service This is especially convenient if you arrive at night or early morning.

Pisa is located in the Tuscan region. The symbol of the city is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The belfry of white marble was built in 1173. Monument height of 56 meters became known throughout the world by the fact that during construction deviated vertically.

The decoration of the ancient city is the Duomo Cathedral on Cathedral Square. It is built in the Pisano-Romanesque style, the interior is made in Byzantine. Every day there are exciting excursions here: you can listen to the history of the temple for hours.

If you like Italian architecture, visit the palazzo, which is several centuries old. Earlier here lived noble townspeople, officials and merchants. Take a stroll through Piazza dei Cavalieri or the Palazzo del Orologo to see these attractions, such as the Palace of the Knights or the Royal Castle. On the banks of the Arno River stands a small church of Santa Maria della Spina is an example of Gothic art. Its facade is decorated with numerous sculptures and carved decorative fragments. By the way, after 17:00 the entrance to the main museums and galleries on the Square of Miracles is free.

Pisa is a small and cozy city, which is easy to get around on foot in 30 minutes. There are more than 15 bus lines organized here. Flight number 10 will be especially interesting for tourists, as its route passes through the whole center to the Ligurian Sea. From the bus station "Piazza San Antonio", suburban express trains run to Livorno and Volterra. The cost of a taxi ride is minimal, the main stops are in the center. It is best to recognize the terrain on a bicycle. Rental is on Via Cesare Battisti, house 13.

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