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Italy hasn't left a single traveler indifferent. Warm sun, delicious food and stunning architecture. In Rimini is located most of the valuable historical monuments and actively developed nightlife. How to get to Rimini? Book a transfer on The service takes care of its customers, so information support is available around the clock.

Rimini is a small port city resort on the Adriatic coast and the birthplace of Federico Fellini, the famous Italian filmmaker and screenwriter. The ancient sights and cozy long embankments inspired the artist, and now attract tourists from all over the world with their beauty.

The symbol of the city is the Arch of Augustus. This is the oldest attraction on the coast. Previously, it was the gateway to the city. Not far from it is the unique structure "Bridge of the Devil" or the bridge of Tiberius, erected in the XIV century BC. Its wooden piles have not changed for two millennia.

The area of ​​Cavour is also noteworthy for tourists. It is surrounded by buildings from different eras: Neoclassical Gali Theater, medieval meetings, palaces of communities and the Starosta House. Behind them stands the majestic castle of Sismondo, where Pandolfo Malatesta, the ruler of Rimini, lived. On the fish market of the XVIII century, fresh seafood is sold, drinking water is still pouring from the marble fountain "Pina". On the street Gambalungo operates the City Library of the XVII century, where manuscripts of the scientists of that time are stored. Take a walk to the fishing lodge, lined with seashells, dried algae and sand. On the street Fellini you will see a modern monument in the form of a huge camera, symbolizing the present, which is so appreciated by the Italians.

In Rimini it is convenient to travel by trams and buses. The main flights are №4 and №11. The first connects the center with the northern part of the city, and the second one goes to the southern quarters and runs to the resorts of Riccione. They work from 05:30 to 02:00 every 15 minutes. Tickets are sold in street machines. If you want to feel the atmosphere of Italy, you can rent a bicycle. The points of hire are located on the central streets. There is also a taxi. The cost of the trip increases by 25% at night.

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