Transfer in Kazakhstan

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Transfer in Kazakhstan is a comfortable way to get to your destination from the airport or train station. The driver will meet you close to the arrival area as far as the rules of the reception station allow. For a group of tourists are calculated minivans and buses, which will help you to save by taxi and quickly reach the hotel. Travel profitable with!

Kazakhstan is a unique country in the center of Eurasia, stepping in step with modern science and technology. It is here that the famous "Baikonur" is located, from which Yuri Gagarin flew into space for the first time. You can get to the cosmodrome by choosing an interesting excursion. The Republic of Kazakhstan is also mountains, steppes, lakes and a lot of sights that have been preserved since time immemorial.

Once on the territory of the state was the Great Silk Road, according to which everyone can enter today. Today, the medieval towns of Shymkent and Taraz, located on the territory of the historical transition, are visited by travelers and pilgrims. "Holy place", "Arystanbaba", mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Sipatay-Batyr.

Astana is a new rapidly developing capital. The former provincial city, at an accelerated pace, is building new skyscrapers, creating an advanced infrastructure for the population. The city's business card is the 105-meter monument "Astana-Baiterek", which means "poplar" in Kazakh. It is worth visiting the Historical Museum, the Presidential Palace and other examples of modern architecture.

The second largest city is Almaty, until 1997 it is the main city of the country. Unlike the current capital, the city, framed by mountains, is famous for its abundance of green areas: gardens, parks and avenues. It is interesting to visit the cultural center "Alma-Ata", the park named after the first president, the archaeological museum and the museum of arts. Other large and equally interesting for the tourist city: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Aktau, Kokshetau, Shymkent. If you plan to make several excursions for a large company, use the services of passenger transportation in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan there are interesting cities: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Aktau, Kokshetau, Shymkent. But the pearl of the country's tourist map is the ski resorts. The most popular destinations are Chimbulak and Medeo. You can get to the foothills of the Trans-Ili Altau from Alma-Ata. By the way, in the complex Medeo is a popular ice rink, built in 1972. Renting a car with a driver in Kazakhstan is ideal for moving between cities. It's convenient and fast.

Beach vacation is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea in Aktau. Developed infrastructure, comfortable hotel rooms and restaurants with local cuisine, centuries-old attractions is all that is needed even for the demanding tourist.

The climate of the country is affected by the mountains and the Caspian Sea. Depending on the area, average temperatures in July adhere to + 25 °C, in January the maximum reaches -20 °C.

Kazakhs are very hospitable people. Traditions to treat the guest with the best dish the indigenous population adheres to this day. On a place of honor on the table there is always a meat dish: meat in Kazakh, stings, kazy, card, stranger and many others. Bread is baked in the form of flat cakes, and as a drink it is customary to serve tea with milk, koumiss and other sour-milk products.

In Kazakhstan, it is worthwhile to go to those travelers who aren't indifferent to mountain skiing and beach tourism, prefer a cultural and educational program of sights, and also like to discover unexplored routes and something new for themselves in eco-tours. Book a transfer in Kazakhstan on the site and enjoy your vacation.