Transfer in Kenya

The transport system in Kenya is quite sophisticated: buses are usually overcrowded and taxi services are expensive. It is better to discuss taxi costs in advance because cab-drivers in Kenya expect to get tips as well. Hire transfer in Kenya not to pay the extra money.

A huge number of national parks, unspoiled beaches, savannas, snowy mountains and exotic fauna of Africa are in Kenya. Landscapes of the country are various: from deserts to small jungles, bodies of water and mountains.

Nairobi is a fast-growing center with safari and nature beauty. Such sights in the old town as the clock tower, the National Archives, the sikh Temple Makindu and the mausoleum of the first President of Kenya can be interesting for tourists. In Malindi there is the stone cross set up by Vasco da Gama. Local beaches are the most visiting among the population and city visitors. In the market of Kisumu tourists can buy souvenirs. From Port Florence you can go to Bukoba, Mwanza and other ports. Travel around the cities will be easier if you hire a car with a driver in Kenya.

One of the most fascinating sights of natural interest is the freshwater lake Naivasha surrounded by mountains and sleeping volcanos. If you don’t know the local language it will be difficult for you to negotiate with taxi drivers - hire transfer in Kenya on our service. You can make a rental request in your mother tongue in several minutes.

The climate of the country is as various as the landscapes. In central part of the coast the temperature is steady +23 °С…+25 °С all the year round, while in mountains it goes up to only +10 °С and peaks are covered with snow. In spring and autumn there is the rain period without temperature changes.

Use the passengers transport services in Kenya to visit as many sights as possible. Kenya is a perfect country to visit amusing guided tours and go on dream vacation on the coast of the Indian Ocean.