Transfer in Osh

Osh is the second largest city in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. There is 579 kilometers from Bishkek. Osh is officially called the "southern capital of Kyrgyzstan".

How to get to Osh? The nearest airport is 9 kilometers away. There are several options to get to the city centre: by bus, on minibuses, by taxi or on the transfer. The road on the bus will take about half an hour, by taxi about the same. To get to the hotel in the fastest and most convenient way, use the transfer. You will be greeted with a sign and taken to the hotel in 20 minutes.

What to visit in Osh? The city is located at the foot of the Alai Ridge in the picturesque valley of the Ak-Buura river. In 2018, Osh was also named the "Cultural capital of the Turkic world". The most significant architectural structures are concentrated in residential areas of the city, in the center of which the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too rises. The unique natural landmark has been attracting pilgrims for several millennia. Ancient petroglyphs have been found on the slopes of the mountain. The sacred mountain was added to the UNESCO list in 2011. Then visit the mosque of Sadiba, the memorial eternal fire complex and go to the remains of a medieval bathhouse. Public baths and their number were indicators of the level of development of the city. The bathhouse of Osh is the oldest one in Kyrgyzstan. Most of places of interest are within walking around a bazaar. The ancient market of all country more than 2.000 years. As before, you can see lively trading, hear different languages and dialects. Modern Osh is an industrial centre. In Middle Ages, caravan routes from India and China to Europe passed through this territory.

There are a lot of locations to visit around the city. Tourists will be interested to walk through places shrouded in legends: caves, gorges, river valleys, Alpine meadows and pine forests. Trackers know the city as a starting point for climbing to Lenin peak, to a height of 7.000 meters.

Although Osh is named the southern capital, it does not have as many government and administrative buildings as Bishkek. The southern capital will charm you with its colour, traditions and cultural heritage. To see the uniqueness of the area or go beyond it in search of adventure without a guide, rent a car with a driver in Osh and enjoy the trip.

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