Transfer in Laos

Typical transport in Laos are buses, taxi and auto-rickshaw (also known as a tuk-tuk). Each transport has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the taxi doesn’t have the exact price list; buses are not useful for the direction “airport-city” due to low-quality roads. Tuk-tuks are also popular among citizens and well-known as moto-taxi. If you want to get to any place of the country with comfort, you can book a transfer in Laos. Affordable prices and excellent service will please you with an amazing holiday in the south country. Travel with!

Laos is the country in the south-east of Asia with the exotic rest, religious ancient monuments and virgin nature. Unlike Vietnam and Thailand, Laos doesn’t have any access to the sea as an alternative there are rest on water reservoirs, ambitious excursion program and enjoyable pastime in small towns where are different flea markets and unique atmosphere. If you want to visit not only the capital but suburbs, use our passengers’ transportation services in Laos.

The capital of Laos is Vientiane. It is a small provincial town with the usual rhythm of life and lots of pagodas. It is worth to visit Buddha Park (also known as Xieng Khuan), That Dam stupa and monasteries Wat Si Muang, Pha Loong and Wat Phra Kaew. All the constructions in the town are related to the 15-16 centuries. Louangphabang (or Luang Phabang) is also exciting town. There is a famous monastery complex “Wat Santong” with the ancient mosaic and wooden pillars. There are excellent plays in the Royal Palace (Theatre): performances and the ballet by the Laos plots.

Tourism in the country is not well developed but you can get any tour in Laos or neighbouring countries. You can choose where to go: to hike on the mountain Phu Si, go to the valley Jah or eastern market Pakse (or Pakxe). Car rental with a driver in Laos is the fastest way to get to the extraordinary places of the south-eastern country.

The climate in the country which is far from the sea is subequatorial and monsoon. In January, the temperature is up to +15 °C and in July, the average temperature is +28 °C.

All you need to do in Laos is just 3 things: to ride a bike, buy some presents in night market and enjoy the wild nature. The country is scarcely touristic one. It is needed to be explored and developed. Book a transfer in Laos and go on the amazing tour across the country.