Transfer in Ohrid

Ohrid stands on the hills near the lake of the same name. Not many tourists come here. Nevertheless, the city is considered to be the treasure of Macedonia.

Reaching Ohrid is not a simple matter. Only charters and seasonal flights go there. It is much easier to fly to the capital of Skopje or to the nearest Airport in Belgrade. Buses course from both capitals as well as taxis. Use the transfer service. This way you will be delivered to your hotel quickly and comfortably. The road will take about 20 minutes.

What to see in Ohrid? The city was founded by Greeks and many ancient ruins around prove that. City events often take place in the ancient amphitheater which serves as a prime monument of Roman presence. When the Slavs arrived here in the V century, the Samuel Keep was built here. From its wall, you can enjoy a majestic view of the city which combines the Christian and Muslim culture ( City belonged to the Ottomans for some time). Despite all that, Ohrid is the capital of the South Slavic culture. According to the legend, it was here the Cyrillic was invented.

The main monuments are the X-XII centuries churches. St.John Kaneo Church, St. Sophia basilica are built in Byzantine style. A few years ago the Church of St. Clement and Panteleimon.

The Old City is a traditional South Slavic City. Take a walk through narrow paved streets and enjoy the authentic small houses with white clay walls and ocher roofs.

When you’re done with sightseeing, be sure to visit one of the local restaurants and taste local cuisine.

Rent a car with a driver and go on a tour around the lake. There is a XIV century monastery built in the rock wall near the city.

The Ohrid lake ( as well as the city) are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mollusks in the lake are producing pearls that are sold on local markets.

It is best to go to the lake at the end of spring or at the beginning of autumn. The temperature in summer may reach +38 °C. Keep that in mind when planning a trip to Ohrid.