Transfer to Pangkor Island

If you sometimes think to escape somewhere on the edge of the world and relax among untouched nature, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the earth. You can meet the sunrise by the sea and enjoy water sports in Malaysia, in a wonderful place Pangkor.

How to get to Pangkor Island? Tourists arrive at Kuala Lumpur Airport, which serves international, domestic and charter flights. From here to Pangkor, the distance is 200 kilometers. There is no air communication between them. Travel to Lumut by bus, which runs daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Then buy a ferry ticket. The entire journey takes about 5.5 hours. If you don’t want to overcome this path in a hot climate with heavy luggage, book a transfer to Pangkor through the service

Pangkor is a resort island on the west coast of Malaysia, located 5 kilometers from the mainland. There are no chain hotels, nightclubs and numerous bars. Instead, there are cozy bungalows, family-run hotels, spas and street food cafes. Some restaurants serve dishes of national cuisine.

Travelers come here for luxurious and clean beaches. The most popular among them is Pantai Puteri Devi, whose name translates as The Country of the Princess in Love. Here you can swim with a mask and snorkel or learn to dive under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

What to see on the island? Sights on Pangkor are few, but they are all interesting. Visit the marine reserve Tiluk-Nipah-Park, where more than 10 species of coral reefs, as well as flora and fauna are represented. In Pangkor Forest Reserve managed to save rare species of plants and animals. Every year a holiday is held in its territory dedicated to the unique nature of the island. If you want to see the old architecture, go to the west coast. The ruins of a XVII century Dutch fort Teluk-Gedung stand there.

How to move around the island? Buses run very rarely and without a clear timetable. To travel free and not wait for public transport, rent a car with a driver in Pangkor. This will allow you to think carefully about the route and see more interesting places not only on the island, but also on the mainland. Travel with pleasure!