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If you don't know how to get from the airport to your destination, we recommend that you book a transfer in Mexico at the booking service. The driver will meet you at the airport, help convey things to the car and comfortably take you to the hotel. Rent a car with a driver in Mexico for 1 hour or several days is an excellent option for traveling around the country.

Mexico is an exotic country with impassable jungles and endless deserts, with unusual holidays and a variety of attractions reflecting Mexico's eventful history.

For many, a hot country is associated with television series, cacti and stinging tequila. But few tourists know that in the territory of the state once lived the legendary Maya and the Aztecs. Ancient civilizations left a huge mark in the form of unique exhibits in museums, hieroglyphs in temples, the stone city of Chichen Itza and other significant artifacts.

Bright Mexico took over the best features of Indian culture, the customs and language of Spain, as well as the traditions of the Caribbean islands. To see the combination of modern skyscrapers and ancient buildings with their own eyes is possible in megacities: in the capital of Mexico City, the favorite stars of Acapulco, in the city of roses of Guadalajara and many others. In the capital, not far from the center, lies Tenochtitlan, the ruins of the ancient city of the Aztecs. The greatest interest in this complex is Temple Templo Mayor.

In noisy cities there are many entertainments for every taste: clubs, parks, museums and restaurants with traditional cuisine. In Acapulco, tourists go to catch a wave in the troubled waters of the ocean, enjoy the nightlife of the city and jump into the bay from the cliff of La Quebrada, 34 meters high. And having gone to the province, you can relax from civilization and be imbued with the true spirit of Mexico, walking in the traditional sombrero along small streets and looking to local institutions.

Of the "water" entertainment besides surfing is very popular diving in natural failures, in caves and other mysterious cenotes, which opens a beautiful view of the coral reefs.

Be sure to take with you a wide-brimmed hat that will save you from merciless sunlight in hot resorts: the Riviera Maya coast with its health resorts, the luxurious and at the same time functional beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Book a transfer in Mexico to see as many interesting places as possible.

The main feature of Mexican cuisine is corn tortillas, beans and, of course, hot chili, which is added to almost every dish. Burito, fachitos and takko and other dishes will be prepared in any tavern according to the correct recipe, and the choice of local refreshing drinks is great and exotic. But tequila Mexicans use without lime and salt.

Travel to Mexico to admire the unusual nature and visit the mysterious monuments of the legendary civilizations, you can at any time of the year. Take advantage of services for the transportation of passengers in Mexico.