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Independent trips are special in the sense that the tourist discovers the world himself without a guide. Car rental with a driver in New Zealand allows seeing more landmarks during the trip. You can plan your own route without tying yourself to public transport and tours schedule. Per hour or per day car rental with a personal driver is available on

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The country is located on two very different islands in the Pacific. Officially the islands are separated into 17 regions with each one having something worth seeing.

The cultural and touristic life of the country is concentrated in the capital of Wellington. By the way, it is here the worldwide famous movie The Lord of the Rings was filmed. One way or another, many locations in Wellington were involved in filmmaking and became fan-favorites. You should definitely visit Auckland if you want to have fun and go shopping. The most convenient way of travelling between cities is by car. You can book a transfer in New Zealand on excellent conditions. Leave an application and appreciate all the advantages of our service.

The list of other interesting places includes Dunedin, Wanaka, Russell.

New Zealand is famous for its fjords, geysers, lakes, forests, thousand years-old glaciers and stunning mountain views. Sports activities are very popular in Kiwi country. If you have never tried skydiving, diving or skysurfing, this is the perfect place for your vacation. During the warm season, both locals and tourists spend time on the beaches of Nelson.

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Interestingly, local Maori people are often called Kiwi — in honour of the small Kiwi bird which is one of the symbols of New Zealand. These birds are native to the Stewart Island.

Travelling to other islands is only possible by sea or air. Transfer in New Zealand will help you to travel between all 17 regions quickly.