Transfer in Panama

Panama is a country situated on the Isthmus of Panama. The Pacific Ocean washes it from one side and the Caribbean Sea from the other. The location, climate and wide range of different tours are good for tourism in Panama. If you land on the Tocumen International Airport, you need to book a transfer in Panama.

The small state neighboured with Costa Rica and Columbia consists of 10 districts and adjacent islands to the ocean and sea. Panama is the capital of the country which is considered an excellent balance of skyscrapers and jungles. There are beaches in the city area where locals and tourists can have a rest. Despite the country is small, it is comfortable to go by car around the state. Car rental with a driver will allow you to see as many country sights as possible and get to any place in the country.

The best country beaches are on the Bocas del Toro resort where the reality show “Last Hero” was filmed. There are lots of 5-star hotels, restaurants and water and extreme holidays.

The nature of the Isthmus of Panama is incredible. There are two mountain ranges in the country area. The highest point of the state is an active volcano the Volcan Barú.

Other exciting places: Taboga, Porto Bello, Colón, Tocumen and Boquete.

Panama makes an invisible bridge between South and North America. The real bridge of these continents is situated in the Pacific Ocean before the Isthmus of Panama. It has become an amazing sight. The construction is illuminated in the evening and tourists gather on the promenade Balboa to take some pictures with the bridge.

If you want to get to Panama from Columbia or Costa Rica, we recommend you to book a transfer through our service in Panama. Choose a suitable car class or a type of vehicle and travel with great pleasure.