Transfer in Puerto Rico

Experienced travellers book transfers in Porto Rico to get from the airport to a hotel quickly and with comfort. It is also appropriate for those who visit Porto Rico for the first time.

Buses go from the airport to the centre in the morning and evening. Hiring a transfer in Porto Rico in advance will be a great alternative to an expensive taxi. Highly qualified drivers will meet you at the airport with a nameplate, help with your luggage and take you to a hotel.

Porto Rico is the country situated on the picturesque island in the Caribbean. The country is under the domination of the USA that is why there are 2 official languages - Spanish and English. The Occidental culture complements the local customs and traditions of the Taino tribes. The entire island is full of tropical forests and high mountains. Travellers go many kilometres for the Camuy River Cave Park and Isla Culebra. San Juan is the capital of Porto Rico founded by the Spanish in 1521. It is the most ancient city of Latin America which remains in its original form. Modern buildings are put up in the style of the XVI-XVIII centuries not to contrast to the architectural ensemble. San Juan is a big touristic centre with extensive infrastructure. Its symbol is the Morro Castle situated in the north of the island. The fortress with a height of 40 metres was built in the XVI century for the sake of protection. Nowadays it is the museum and observation point with the most beautiful land view in San Juan. While planning excursions and guided tours in a foreign country, use the passengers’ transportation services in Porto Rico. You will be able to visit as many important sights as possible and not to waste your time waiting for public transport.

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If you want to see ancient castles of the XVI-XVII centuries or rare species of animals, go surfing or diving, we recommend you to go to Porto Rico. Renting a car with a driver in Porto Rico will allow you to visit geographically remote surroundings of the island and see as many sights as possible!

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