Transfer to Kazan

Kazan is one of the oldest cities. It is located on the Volga river Bank. It was founded in 1005 as a defensive fortress; only in 1552 Ivan the Terrible "took" Kazan. History and cultures of Europe and Asia mixed in the capital of Tatarstan. In 2005 Kazan celebrated its 1000th anniversary. The metro was builtin honor of it. If you don't know how to get from Kazan airport, use the service Here you can order a transfer in Kazan.

The city, harmoniously combining archaic and modern, go not only to visit football competitions.

In Kazan, the first tourists go to the Millennium square. Every holiday residents of the city gather in the square, where folk festivals and fairs. There is also a circus, a stadium and a café. No less interesting is the Kazan Kremlin. It is pride and business card of the city. It was built in the 10th century, and in the 16th again rebuilt by the order of Ivan the Terrible. There are the Annunciation Cathedral, Kul Sharif mosque, Spasskaya tower on the territory of the construction. The pearl of the snow-white buildings is 58-meter tower Syuyumbike. Its steeple is rejected on some meters, so the people began to call "falling". The Kremlin is located on a hill, at the confluence of the Kazanka and Volga. From the observation deck Tainitskaya tower offers beautiful views.

It is worth walking along Bauman street, where you can buy souvenirs, look at the local shops and cafes. The monument Cat of Kazan is also interesting for tourists. This sculpture symbolizes cats, which gave Catherine the Great. Animals saved the Winter Palace from mices. Don't forget to visit the Hermitage-Kazan and Tatar drama and Comedy theatre.

Public transport in Kazan includes buses, subways, trams and trolleybuses. A single ticket is valid for all modes of transport. You can buy it at the metro ticket offices. Experienced tourists know to devote a day of sightseeing and the suburbs, you need to rent a car with a personal driver in Kazan.