Transfer from Murmansk to Kirovsk

Kirovsk is a city in the Murmansk region, located among the mountain range Khibiny. This is a popular ski center. On its territory there are two sports complexes open: Bolshoy Vudyavr and Kolasportland, which are located 4 kilometers from each other. Free buses run between them and a single ski pass is available. The season lasts from November to May, the peak is in February-March.

Bolshoy Vudyavr is a modern ski resort where skiers of any skill level ride. More than 28 routes with a length of 40 kilometers are divided into four difficulties: green for beginners, blue for amateurs, professionals and athletes prefer tracks of red and black tracks.

If you want to change routes, go to Kolasportland. All-Russian and international freeride and downhill skiing competitions are held annually at the resort. Tourists come here to ride on the slopes of the Khibiny, the highest mountain range in the Murmansk region. The elevation difference is more than 1010 meters. The longest blue track “Latvia” is up to 1600 meters, the dangerous one is “North”.

After skiing on the territory of sports complexes, you can relax in the spa center, ride a sleigh or tubing, feed the reindeer.

Tourists arrive at Murmansk airport, and from there they go to Kirovsk. The distance between cities is more than 210 kilometers.

How to get from Murmansk to Kirovsk?

By bus -
Bus routes don't run between cities. Use other public transport or rent a car.
By train 4 hours 10 minutes
From the train station, train D runs in the direction of Murmansk-Apatity. He walks 5 times a day. After you exit at the end station, we recommend booking a transfer.
Car rental 3 hours
In order not to waste time on the way, you can rent a car . Create a route in advance and travel independently .
On transfer 2 hours 45 minutes
Book a transfer from Murmansk to Kirovsk through the online service You will not need to get to the city with transfers and carry ski equipment yourself. An experienced driver will help you to place your luggage, quickly taking you to your destination.