Transfer to Saransk

Saransk is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Originally it was a wooden fortress between Belgorod and Simbirsk. Here Stenka Razin visited and a hundred years later Emelyan Pugachev. Gradually the city lost its military importance and became a shopping center, due to its convenient location at the intersection of major roads.

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Saransk inherits the traditions of Finno-Ugric culture, which is divided into two groups, Moksha and Erzya. They have different adverbs, so most often the index tables are written in three languages, including Russian. The symbol of the region is the Cathedral, built in the 21st century. The Church of St. John the Evangelist is the oldest building in the city. From many religious buildings it is distinguished by characteristic black domes.

Here they adore the famous woodcarver Stepan Erzya. On the central Soviet Square there is his monument and in the Art Museum a large collection of his works is collected. There are many unusual monuments. For example, a bronze monument to the family is a dynamic composition of two adults and three children. In memory of firemen a bright red-orange sculpture is installed.

The city has a rich cultural life. In the National Theater plays are staged by Mordovian dramatists in the original language with Russian simultaneous translation. In the Yakushev musical theater concerts are held, ballet and opera are staged. Recently, the building was restored and now it is a four-storeyed palace with wonderful acoustics.

It is worth taking a stroll along the alleys of the Mordovian State Nature Reserve. P.G. Smidovich, the oldest natural monument in Russia.

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