Three days in Soch

Sochi is one of the most popular resorts in the Krasnodar Territory. In the summer they come here to swim in the warm Black Sea, enjoy the southern sun and relax on the beach. In winter, there are skiing and snowboarding. This is a hospitable city, a place in which there is for everyone.

How to get there?

If you arrive at the international airport in Sochi, located in Adler, use the transfer or public transport. Daily from 07:00 to 21:30 between the cities runs the bus №105 and the train "Lastochka" from the station in Adler. Schedule often changes, so we recommend to look in advance on the site.

Railroad lines are connected to distant regions of Sochi. Every day more than 40 destinations arrive. The station is located in the very center, so buses leave from here. In 10 minutes on foot there is a taxi rank. Cars aren’t equipped with meters: the cost of the trip is often too high. In order not to overpay for the road, we recommend you think over your route in advance.

Where to stay?

  • Aparthotel Grand Gallery (Navavinskaya str., 3)

    It is located 1.5 kilometers from the Green Theater and 2 kilometers from the Riviera Park. All rooms have a single interior: gray-sand colors, marble walls on the walls, king-size beds. There is Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TV. Spacious bathrooms with necessary amenities. From 09:00 to 12:00, breakfast is served in the shared lounge. The menu is updated daily.

  • Hotel "RussoTouristo" (ul.Primorskaya, 20/2)

    The hotel is 200 meters from the Winter Theater and 500 meters from the Summer. The hotel is built on the Black Sea coast, which is visible from the windows. There is a private sandy beach with wooden plank beds. The rooms are spacious and bright. Guests with children can make free use of the playground. A gym, sauna and sun terrace are open every day.

  • Residense Sky (Vinogradnaya str., 4)

    The hotel is located in the heart of Sochi. The interior is laconic and stylish: pastel colors, stone and wood, velvet wallpapers. From each room you can see the sea and the whole city. On the ground floor of the building for guests is a restaurant SkyBlue. 6 km from the place is the Sochi circus, 15 km is Agurskie waterfalls.

  • Apartments on Kurortny Prospekt (9, Deputatskaya Street)

    The modern house is located in the center of Sochi, 5-10 minutes walk from the main attractions. The interior is decorated in soothing light colors. There is a bed, several closets, armchairs, a large flat-screen TV with cable channels and a loggia. Kitchens are equipped with stove, microwave and kettle. Nearby are restaurants, cafes and shops. 7 minutes walk to the sea.

  • Grand Hotel "Pearl" (ul.Chernomorskaya, 3)

    A modern hotel in the heart of the city, overlooking the peaks and the sea. The building is surrounded by rainforests. Within walking distance is the Arboretum, the Festivalny concert hall, as well as museums and theaters. There is a wellness center and a 200-meter swimming pool on site. The interior of the rooms is standard: light walls, soft bed, minimum of furniture.

Where to go?

On the first day after you swim in the sea, visit the Olympic Park, built for the 2014 Olympics. Rent a car and you will be there in 30 minutes. The park is open from 08:00 to 24:00, purchase tickets in advance. The territory occupies more than 200 hectares to explore it all, take bicycles in one of the rental stations. The central square is a popular place for walking. It was here that the medals were presented to the winners. 300 meters away is the Wall of Glory and a musical fountain. Behind him are the Olympic rings.

The visitors' park includes the Leonardo da Vinci Mechanical Museum, the Nikola Tesla Electric Laboratory and the USSR Gallery.

On the second day, we recommend going to the Sochi Park Theme Park. At the very beginning, the guests find themselves at the Alley of Lights fair, then follow the “Lands of Science and Fiction” transition of the Strugatsky brothers and then later ride the “Firebirds”, find themselves in “Enchanted Forest” with Baba Yaga and Leshim. Children are involved in improvised performances and contests. For adults, a tour of the park. If you are tired, you can go to the cafe "self-serving cloth" or "Emelya" to have breakfast or lunch.

After an active start to the day, visit the Arboretum, the XIX century Sochi Botanical Garden. The first plants were brought from the Crimea and the Caucasus. In the 1970s, a cable car was built here, from where a stunning view of the garden opens. On the territory grows more than 1500 rare species. Most tourists like the palm alley. In the ponds are fish from the Red Sea. In the garden you can walk for hours with breaks to rest. If you wish, book an individual excursion.

In the evening, go to the central embankment of Sochi to listen to musicians playing jazz and drink local red wine.

If you want to see the unique nature of Sochi, on the third day you should visit the National Park. Through the entire territory passes a mountain river, where you can engage in rafting. Tourists are attracted by rare species of flora and fauna. The park was created to preserve the environment of the Krasnodar Territory. During the walk, visit the rocky and underground caves, large and small waterfalls, canyons and beech, oak and coniferous forests. Moss grows everywhere and is allowed to walk. If you want something dynamic and extreme, take a look at Skypark. Jay Hackett, who created the “bungee”, opened a branch amusement park in Sochi. Walk along the pedestrian bridge 600 meters long above the Mzymta River at an altitude of 200 meters. Jump from the "bungee" or ride on a swing, making a turn in 360.

There are guided hikes along the rocks and gorges. Over the whole territory there are more than 50 experienced instructors who will always help and support you. The equipment in the park is modern and annually undergoes a technical inspection.

Where to have lunch?

In order not to waste time searching for a suitable restaurant, pay attention to the list below. We are sure that you will definitely like some of this.

  • Restaurant "La Barca" (st. Quay, 3)

    The interior is decorated in a marine style: white and blue colors, tables in the form of small boats, wicker chairs. The hall is decorated with seashells, and in the center there is an aquarium where dwarf sharks swim. The menu features local dishes. We recommend ordering sea bass in a creamy sauce, rack of lamb with a bunch of grapes and, of course, any kinds of cooking vegetables.

  • Restaurant “GastroKub” (20/2, Primorskaya st.)

    Fashionable institution on the Black Sea. The interior uses a lot of light wood, natural fabrics and stones. Copyright menu changes every season and is divided into elements. For example, water is symbolized by trout pate with black currant jam, fire is borsch with tongue, air is smoked chicken pie and homemade cheese, earth is Kuban pickles. At the heart of all dishes are old recipes.

  • Restobar - Karaoke "VODA" (1/1, Bestuzhev St.)

    The restaurant is decorated in a tropical style: there is a lot of green around, lianas hang over the tables, furniture is made of thin wrought-iron bars and wood. In the center of the hall there is a special enclosure for peacocks. Dishes like scallops with potato slices, tomato paste with shrimps, cod fillet with mango are the most popular dishes among guests of the establishment.

  • Restaurant "5642 Height" (ul. 65 let Pobedy, 50)

    Cozy place in the style of a loft with metal details in the interior. It serves salmon in gold, braised sea bass with mussels, squid in sweet and sour sauce. In the evenings, musicians play instruments, and on weekends themed holidays are organized.

  • Restaurant DOM (1A Nesebrskaya St.)

    This place is decorated in French style: wicker tables on the terrace, lavender flowers, marble floor and large panoramic windows overlooking the Black Sea. The restaurant has become a favorite place for locals and tourists. We recommend to try pork and marbled beef steak, crabs tartar, wild mushrooms with foie gras.

Sochi is an amazing place in Russia. The city isn’t similar to any metropolis in the world. Nature allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. If you want to see the beauty of the gorges and waterfalls, go rafting among mountain rivers or diving in the sea, we recommend to go here.