Three days in St. Petersburg

There are a lot of books written about Petersburg and filmed documentaries. City-history, silent witness of the fall of the Russian Empire and the cultural center of the country. The greatness of the architecture of buildings and the splendor of the streets aren’t inferior in beauty to the capitals of Europe. St. Petersburg is inspiration, impulse and a sense of freedom.

How to get there?

To be in the cultural capital, you can take a plane, train or regular bus. Pulkovo Airport is 26 kilometers away. From here every day from 06:30 to 22:30 runs flight №39. The final stop is the metro station "Moskovskaya". The journey takes more than 40 minutes.

You can book a transfer. The driver will meet you with a name plate and help get your luggage through. There are five railway stations in St. Petersburg: Moscow, Ladoga, Vitebsk, Baltic and Finnish. More than 100 domestic and international flights arrive in the city daily. All stations are connected to the local subway, to which to go 5-10 minutes. On the bus to get to the city the longest: from 14 to 17 hours. You can buy a ticket in Moscow or in Finland.

Where to stay?

There are many cozy hotels. We have prepared for you some interesting options:

Where to go?

Wherever you go, the road will lead to Nevsky Prospect. This is the heart of St. Petersburg and the main meeting place in the city. On both sides of the avenue are old houses, just have time to look around. Each building has its own history. And, of course, bars, cafes, souvenir shops, five-star hotels. In the evenings, the lights will be turned on, and the street will be lit up with golden, red, blue and green lights. Nevsky Prospect is a 5-minute walk from Moskovsky railway station, along which you can walk to the Hermitage.

When you walk, we recommend visiting the Russian Museum. To do this, turn from Nevsky Prospect to the right in the direction of Mikhailovskaya Street. After 6 minutes, you will find yourself on Italianskaya Street, go straight through Mikhailovsky Square, which is located in front of the museum. This building contains a unique collection of ancient Russian painting and sculpture. A total of over 400,000 exhibits from the 10th to the XXI century.

After the tour, go to the Church of the Savior on Blood, which was built on the site of the assassination of Alexander II. Inside, the church is decorated with Italian mosaics, as well as Ural and Altai gems.

The Hermitage is the destination of the first day. Go straight along Nevsky Prospect and then turn right. This is the largest museum in Russia with the richest and most diverse collection. Painting, sculpture, furnishings, costumes and decorations. Until 1917 it was the residence of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Start the second day with a visit to St. Isaac's Cathedral. You need to walk to the Palace Square, and from there turn right. The temple is clearly visible from the windows of the high-rise buildings of Vasilyevsky Island. You can walk to the observation deck. There is a stunning view of the city and the Neva River. If you are not afraid of heights go on trips to the ancient attics and the famous St. Petersburg roofs.

To be in the Zoological Museum, we recommend renting a car. In 10 minutes you will be on an excursion. There are more than 300,000 exhibits, the largest collection in the country. In the same building works Kunstkamera, the museum of anthropology and ethnography. Visitors can see how the tribes lived from North America to Australia, as well as visit the exhibition, which presents objects with anomalies. For example, with two heads and ten fingers on one hand.

Then, at the stop "University Embankment", take the bus number 6 or number 40 to get to the Leningrad Zoo, which is located in the Alexander Park. A unique place in the city. Over 600 species of tropical birds, mammals and fish live here. He works all year. Daily spend fascinating excursions.

On the third day, go to Vasilyevsky Island, where the Church of St. Catherine, the Three Hierarchs of the Ecumenicals and St. Andrew’s Cathedral stand. The island is the shortest street is Repin. Be sure to visit the Arrow, the place of division of the Small and Most.

Take a ride on tram №7 or №191 to be on Hare island. It was at this place that St. Petersburg began to be built. In 1703, when they founded the city, they built the Peter and Paul Fortress. Emperor Peter I personally supervised the construction. After walking and sightseeing, you can sit on the banks of the Neva River and admire the Winter Palace, bridges and neighboring buildings.

Be sure to take a ride on a river boat, the route of which passes through the city, and then goes around it. Just dress warmer: a strong wind blows on the Neva.

The best way to get to know the city is to walk a lot. Don’t take maps and navigators, trust yourself and go where you want. Believe me, you don’t miss anything important. Let the city inspire discoveries.

Where to eat lunch?

Petersburg is not only a cultural capital, but also a gastronomic one. In the period from 2006 to 2019, a huge number of interesting places appeared here, where they cook delicious dishes, serve dishes in an original way and make sure that the service is of high quality, and the guests leave satisfied.

In St. Petersburg, the weather changes every 5 minutes. But there is something that remains eternal and unshakable: architecture and the atmosphere of luxury, respect for their traditions and a high level of culture, numerous museums and theaters. Petersburg welcomes the tourists who are here. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to walk a lot. After all, this is the way to know this city.