Transfer in San Marino

San Marino is a microstate on the territory of Italy. It’s only 60,57 km² and despite its small territory San Marino is one of the most popular touristic destinations. There is no airport and you have to use public transport from Rimini, Bologna, Palermo or Forli. After the arrival, we suggest booking a transfer in San Marino to get to the resorts without delays.

The country is separated into 9 castelli – castles (cities), and has about 30 towns and cities in total. The castles are interconnected by a network of roads. To save time and not wait for a bus, book a car with a driver in San Marino. You can enjoy the view while traveling, take photos and make at any location you want.

The capital of San Marino is the city of the same name. As the city is located quite high above the sea level (near the Monte Titano Mountain), you can enjoy a majestic view of the green hills from any street. The easiest way to travel between landmarks is by car. We advise visiting Piazza Della Liberta and Curios Museum, seeing the Basilica of San Marino and three famous towers of Guaita, Cesta and Montale.

Most of the country’s population lives in Serravalle which also serves as the sports capital of San Marino. You should visit Serravalle if you want to do shopping in one of the best European outlets, see the ancient keep of Castello del Malatesta and enjoy the flora of Ausa di Dogana. Use the passenger transfer services in San Marino to get to and out of the Serravalle.

Popular destinations: Murata, Valdragone, Montegiardino and Dogana.

San Marino is located in the middle of Italy. It has no direct access to the sea but it can’t stop the huge number of visitors. Transfer in San Marino is an excellent way to travel here from Italy. You can find many transfer offers on specialized websites. Leave an application and travel effectively.