Transfer in Senegal

Senegal is a state in West Africa. It is a wonder that five-star hotels, wild nature, tourism and traditional life of local people are harmonized with each other. The country is becoming Europeanized but the nature of Africa remains the same. Most of the tourists go to Senegal to have a rest on the best African beach resorts. If you don’t want to think about the route from the airport to the city, you can book a transfer in Senegal.

If you need to go to the capital of the country, use the passenger’s transportation services on our website in Senegal. Dakar is situated on the west of the state. The coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The Senegalese usually go to sunbath in the countryside -- the magnificent resort Les Almadies. A few people stay on the sandy beaches of the city. Car rental with a driver in Senegal will help you to visit as many monuments and architecture as possible.

See more exciting towns: Petite Côte, M'Bour and Popenguine.

There is a big variety of a rest type. If you want to visit a desert, you can go to a jeep-tour or by camels with bedouins. Surfing, snorkelling, diving and other water activities are rather popular on the Atlantic coast. The lake Lac Rose will attract any tourist. Waters of the lake are pink due to its inhabitants, sea drimophilus, which Lac Rose has in spades. The depth of the basin is just 3 metres long. The most lovely photos you can take during sunset when the horizon doesn’t divide the sky and the lake.

You can see all the miracles left and right in Senegal. It is important not to miss any detail while travelling. If you don’t like to look for transport, book a transfer in Senegal. Local drivers speak French, so if you are interested to get to any country sight, you can ask your driver about it.