Transfer in Slovenia

Plan even the smallest details of your journey. After the ticket purchase don’t forget to book a transfer in Slovenia. Leave a request form on to receive several different transport offers. You will be able to choose the one you like best. Book a transfer in Slovenia and travel with comfort!

Slovenia is a small and cozy country in the South of Europe. Imagine medieval castles, paved streets, tiled roofs of colorful houses, the Alps and the Adriatic shore. All of this attracts tourists from all around the world.

In summer the stream of tourists flows to the beach cities like Piran, Portorož, Koper and others. Beaches with full-fledged infrastructure, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and excellent surfing waves are the reasons people come here. For those who want to become one with nature, we suggest visiting Bled and Bohinj lakes. You can get there by a rented car with a driver in Slovenia. The average temperature in the middle of the season is +25 °C. In the period of December - March tourists come to Mariborsko Pohorje and Bovec. Mild climate and temperature of about −10 °C are favorable conditions for the active winter vacation. Note, that in Kranjska Gora there is a skiing ramp, where the world championships take place. Rogaška Slatina is known for its healing waters health resorts. Each has its own unique healing procedures and promises to heal everything.

After a good spa tour it’s time to see the landmarks. Start from the capital of Ljubljana - it is often compared to Praha. The trump card of Ljubljana is the massive castle towering over the city. The list of important architectural monuments also includes many museums, buildings of Barocco and Modern styles, the Grad fortress and the Old City.

Your destination after the capital should be Celje due to its ancient castles of Celje and XIII century Maribor.

Kranj serves as a collection of the religious architecture. Here stand the churches of St.Kancijan, St. Rosaria and others. If you travel in a group, you should use the passenger transportation services in Slovenia.