Transfer in Sigtuna

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There is no airport in Sigtuna, Arlanda is the nearest one located near Stockholm. It can be reached by public transport in an hour, and by car in 15 minutes. If you want to get to a comfortable hotel room fast after landing, take a taxi or book a transfer. By the way, a room at the Sigtuna hotel must also be booked in advance. The city is small, but it attracts a lot of tourists.

What is there to see in Sigtuna? The city has a lot of ancient ruins of churches to see, many of them were destroyed due to the Reformation during the reign of king Gustav Vasa. Nevertheless, the XIII century Church of St. Mary survived, it is the oldest building in the city and an example of South Scandinavian Gothic style. The most interesting attraction are the runic stones. There are 10 of them throughout the city, each of them has a chiselled dedication to a person or an event, some have crosses, others have prayers. In the vicinity of Sigtuna you can find only 150 monuments made in the X century.

The city is considered the first capital of Sweden — founded by king Olaf. The monarch's profile was minted on lead money in the first mint on the main street of Storagattan. The townspeople are proud that this is where the Swedish coin business came from. Commemorative silver coins were issued for the 1000th anniversary of the court.

The main street leads to lake Mälaren, where you can take a ride in a rented boat or a canoe. You can also go Cycling, take a walk or have a picnic on the grass in one of the city's parks. If you get lucky with the weather in Sigtuna, we advise you to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

The Stening Castle is 8 kilometres from the city, there are a cultural centre, art galleries, pottery, glass-blowing and candle workshops inside. Here, you can buy products made by local craftsmen. On the other side of lake Mälaren, there are Skokloster towers — masterpieces of Swedish architecture. Rich interiors, atypical to its modern image of a restrained country, are luxuriously striking. Rent a car in Sigtuna, and get acquainted with the past of the advanced country.

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