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If you are going on vacation to Abu Dhabi, book a transfer from the airport to your destination. Transfer is the most convenient way to travel from point A to point B. in Leave a request at the and travel without problems. The carriers will meet you with a nameplate in the arrivals area and take you to the hotel. You can choose the cost of the trip from driver’s offers by yourself.

Abu Dhabi is the richest emirate in the United Arabian Emirates. There are the most respectable hotels, business centers and restaurants. Holidays in Abu Dhabi is considered prestigious: yachting, Formula-1, safari-tours by jeep and surfing. The capital city has the same name as emirate. It is the administrative center with the residence of the President. The Emirate also includes about 200 Islands in the Arabian sea.

Abu Dhabi has a good combination of modernity (architecture and advanced technologies) and traditions of the East. The latter invariably can be traced to the mosques, the behavior of the indigenous population, numerous souks and traditional cuisine. Beach holidays is definitely dominated in the United Arabian Emirates. «All inclusive» hotels have excellent swimming pools, as well as their own clean beaches with developed infrastructure. The level of service is at the highest level. Going on vacation in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi), you do not need to worry about anything: everything will take care of service and hospitable indigenous people.

Other popular destinations: Dubai, RAS al Khaimah, Fujairah

The Emirate is divided into 3 districts: Central (Abu Dhabi with its capital), Eastern (with Al Ain) and Western (with Al Gharbia). The tourist flow is mainly directed to the Central part. In Abu Dhabi, there are the most popular hotels and resorts close to the Central beach. By the way, this beach was awarded by The blue flag medal. It means that this is the cleanest and most comfortable place for swimming on the coast of the Persian Gulf. By the way, you can relax on the beach with children. Children are building sand castles on the beach. And the entrance to the sea is smooth: without stones and pits. There are sun loungers, showers and restaurants, but the entrance is paid on the Central beach. You can explore the city in a day, ordering a transfer in Abu Dhabi on It is worth a visit to the area of symbols «Al Ittihad», Al-Husn Palace, as well as the shopping district of Khalida Hamdan. There are boutiques, small shops, and the largest shopping Mall Al Hana Shopping Centre is close to the waterfront.

The East-facing garden town of Al Ain is a great holiday destination. This is a real oasis among other desert cities of the United Arabian Emirates. This is what you should pay attention when drawing up a cultural program in the United Arabian Emirates: national wildlife Park «Al Ain Paradise», a huge zoo and attractions «Hili Fun City».

The Al Gharbia occupies 2/3 of the territory of Abu Dhabi. Here eco-tourism is developed. There are white beaches with a paid entrance along the coast, but on the nearby Islands are still arranged places for tourists, so you can find wild beaches so far.

Near the Al-Narbey is the artificial Yas Island. This is the most popular place for travelers. Ferrari Park and Sheikh al-Jarrah's Palace, the route "Formals-1" and many other attractions are concentrated on a small island. As in any Emirate resort, you can go to Yas Island with children. The entrance to the sea shallow, and many amusement parks, where the merry-go-round will appeal to adults.

For a change, you can go to the Liwa oasis with sand Dunes or the Lu Lu Island, which was also created by the hands of man. The latter plan to open the largest water Park in Abu Dhabi.

The local population moves through the cities by private cars. There are taxis from public transport. Buses are very rare. They usually move tourists and ordinary people. To emphasize your status and move around comfortably (cars has air conditioning and bottle of water) in the hot Emirate, rent a car with a personal driver for 1 hour or more. If you need to get to the capital, book a transfer to Abu Dhabi.