Transfer in Ajman

Ajman is the smallest Emirate of the UAE and the only one where there is no oil. If you want to take a ride on the Persian Gulf on traditional Dhow boats or go on a tour of pearl mining, then be sure to visit this Emirate. From any point of the UAE to the hotel in Ajman, you'll be able to get on the bus.

The nearest airport to the city is located in Sharjah, just 10 kilometers away. However, public transport does not run from the airport: there is no direct message. The only way out is to get first to Sharjah and with two more transfers to Ajman. This is not very convenient, so you will spend a lot of time and effort on the road. The easiest way is to order a taxi or use the transfer service. It takes a little more than 20 minutes by car. If you do not want to negotiate and bargain with local taxi drivers, order a transfer in advance. You will not need to explain to the driver where to go, specify all the information in advance when booking on the website.

Tourists come to Ajman to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities. In this Emirate, there is no extraction of raw materials, so you will not see here chic and pompous buildings, as in other regions of the country. But you can walk around the Helio Park, play basketball or football here, ride a bike and barbecue in a designated area. In the coastal part of the city, you can dive with scuba diving-the underwater flora and fauna in this Emirate has not undergone changes, as in other Emirates, and remains in its original form. The water temperature in Ajman allows you to engage in water sports all year round.

The holiday season in the UAE begins in September, when the intense heat subsides, and the weather in Ajman becomes comfortable for being in the sun even at noon. In addition, in winter, a fascinating and unlike anything else, camel festival is held here.

Be sure to visit the national Museum on the territory of the XVIII century Fort. The fortress was the residence of emirs for a long time, and since the 1970s there are historical expositions. Here you can see weapons, manuscripts, household items, ancient houses made of palm trees and clothing of residents of the Emirate of Ajman.

If you want to bring something from the Emirate with you, then go through the shops of Ajman in search of pearl jewelry. Seashell fishing is a traditional occupation of the people living here. In the store, be sure to bargain, perhaps you will be able to bring down the price well. If you want to do a lot of shopping, get acquainted with the Arab world or the history of the country, go to nearby Sharjah or Dubai. To quickly get to the cultural centers of the UAE, rent a car with a driver in Ajman. Moving around the Emirates is most convenient by private transport, so you can devote as much time to each place as you want and do not depend on the schedule of buses or tourist groups.

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