Transfer to Boston

Traveling to America is a long-awaited event for many. Registration of a visa, purchase of tickets, hotel selection. With these details in mind, the first impression of the country is emerging. Don’t forget about transport. Consider the route in advance. When visiting the capital of the state of Massachusetts, don’t forget to book a transfer in Boston, so that nothing gets in the way of getting new impressions.

It is the oldest city in the United States, founded in the XVII century and played a leading role in the struggle for the independence of the whole nation. One of the most influential and wealthy cities of the country opportunities. Each district is unique and has its own character. In Beacon Hill, old gas lanterns are installed and dark-red brick houses are built. Black Bay is a concentration of luxury and wealth and Downtown is a tourist and business center with many attractions, cafes and shops. Every year, Boston is visited by over 16 million people. New England is the most popular tourist destination.

The Freedom Trail is of particular importance to all residents. The length of 5 km, it passes by the main monuments of the city, reminiscent of the struggle for independence. To the traveler didn’t lose his way, it was marked with white and red flowers. The route runs from Boston Common Park and ends on the "Constitution" sailing vessel. Here you can see the Royal Chapel and the oldest bookshop. Tourists get to the very place where the inhabitants of the city fought with British soldiers after the famous "Boston tea party" of the XVIII century.

But this not only attracts tourists from all over the world. Interesting for visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1870. In the store there are more than 450 thousand objects of art. Later, he opened an art school.

In the central part of the city there are many ancient houses. One such is Paul Revere, built in 1680. Here lived a family member of the American Revolution and a national hero. It is also worth seeing the Church of Christ. The peculiarity is that more than five hundred thousand pieces of famous Medford bricks were used for its construction, and wood was brought from York.

In Boston, traveling by bus, suburban trains, water trams and metro. By the way, this is the first subway in the US. It consists of 4 lines: red, orange, blue and green. In addition, there is the possibility of renting a car with a driver in Boston. There are enough companies in the city offering such services. To the surroundings get and ferry, which go from 7 am to 22 pm. Through New England, there is a high-speed road US1 and interstate highways. Dozens of trains run from the South Station of the city to various destinations, including Washington.

Thanks to the developed urban transport, so tourists do not have difficulties with how to get to Boston airport. If you are carrying heavy luggage, we recommend you to book a transfer through the service America is a country of dreams. Adventures begin here.