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Chicago - a typical American city in Illinois. Recently, he is considered one of the world's financial centers. It is a business and cultural metropolis which is located on the shores of Michigan Lake. Going there, book a transfer to Chicago on

The city is divided by the river into 3 parts: North-Side, West-Side and South-Side. Separately there is the Loop district. It is a business center of the city with unique skyscrapers, popular museums and theaters. There are banks, stock exchanges and administrative institutions. On the north side of the Loop is Michigan Avenue. On this road are concentrated fashion boutiques and huge shopping centers.

The main attraction of Chicago is skyscrapers. It's not just glass skyscrapers, but real artworks. In Chicago, Loop is notable for its shape Mater-Tower, which is also called an inverted telescope. It was built according to the rules of construction in the 1920s: the last floor should not exceed 25% of the base area. The tallest tower is Chicago's Willis Tower. Its length is 442 meters. There is an observation deck on the 94th floor - a breathtaking sight. The Marina City has unusual shape two towers shaped like "corn". There is a parking for cars on the lower floors, and at the base for yachts. The 82-meter Aqua is a residential high-rise. The balconies on the facade give the impression of streaming water flows: hence the name.

Chicago is a multi-level city. On the "underground floors" you can safely move and pass the cork if necessary. The streets in the center are decorated with works by avant-garde artists: Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and others.

Separately it is necessary to say about parks. "Millennium" and Grant's Park are connected by bridge British Petroleum. Its length is 285 meters. The construction with the wooden covering of the meandering shape in winter is closed for safety. In the Millennium there is a fountain "Crown". The art object has two 15-meter towers: water flows on on 3 sides, and on the fourth - the screen. It projects the faces of the local people of Chicago. Every 5 minutes, a smiling face "spits out" water into the pool. This fountain is a place for leisure for locals and tourists. The Zoo Lincoln is not only a family with children. It is ne of the best in the USA. There are more than 110 species of reptiles, animals and birds on the territory.

Residents prefer to relax in the area of ​​the Pier Navi Pier, where there are attractions, shopping centers and exhibition centers. In addition to free exhibitions, you need to visit the museums of modern art, science and industry, natural history and others. To save on tickets, order Chicago CityPass on the official website. With a single ticket you can visit 5 sights at the best price. Rent a car with a personal driver in Chicago to make your vacation even more comfortable.

There are buses, 11 subway lines within 3 parts of the city. You need to buy tickets for trip separately, there are subscriptions. For a leisurely promenade, rent a bicycle. In each district there are more than 500 bicycles Divvy Bikes Chicago. Taxis are on special parking, you should definitely leave a tip of 10% for carrier. This is not a very profitable way to travel, beyond Chicago. It is too expensive. If you need to get to another city or airport, use the transfer service. It's a quick and reliable way to get to your destination on time.