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When Going on holiday to the beautiful city of the United States, do not forget to book a transfer in Salt Lake City from the local airport. You quickly get to the hotel, any attractions and just save time and money.

Salt Lake City is the populous capital of Utah. The town lies in a valley among the mountain ranges of Ukwir and the Wasatch. The Northern part of salt lake overlooks a Large Salt lake, hence the name.

The Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City in 2002. Since then, the name of the resorts and the city on hearing around the world. The tourist flow is continuous all year round due to the proximity of the mountains. In summer, rock climbing is popular here, and the ski season starts in November. If active recreation is not enough for you, go on a tour of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

You can buy souvenirs in the ski centers or any shopping center. The most beautiful of them is city Creek center with a bridge across the street.

If you are not satisfied with your outdoor activities, take a tour of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Salt Lake City is a city of Mormons. There are many places associated with the religious movement. For example, the mysterious salt lake temple, founded by their leader Brigham young, Bee house, temple square and others. If you want to know more about Mormons, you can visit the Mormon Church history Museum. No less interesting to visit the Utah state Capitol, Magdalene Cathedral, liberty Park and more. If you want to travel all the memorable places of the city and not to adapt to the schedule of guides, rent a car in Salt Lake City.

You can get Around the city by public transport. Buses of SLC and Wasatch Front companies run around the city. The SLC is free of charge. There is also a subway connecting the Eastern and southern parts of the city. Suburbs and neighboring cities are served by the transport company UTA. Most Americans and tourists prefer to travel around salt lake by Bicycle.

How do I get to Salt Lake City? From whatever city or airport you get, we recommend you to use the transfer. From a variety of offers from carriers you choose the most favorable cost and conditions. Travel with!