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In New York is the Statue of Liberty is a national symbol, and in Washington, the principles and provisions of the American dream were formed. For example, freedom of the individual and entrepreneurship, prestigious work and social growth. Ancient monuments, numerous museums, green parks and boulevards is all this attracts tourists. While planning your vacation, don’t forget to book a transfer in Washington via service. It is enough to go to the site, specify the time and date of arrival, so that the driver will meet you immediately after landing.

The US capital is a small city in the District of Columbia, located between the states of Virginia and Maryland. The name Washington received on the surname of the first American president. Famous buildings that are the cultural heritage of the nation are the White House, the headquarters of the Congress and the Pentagon, as well as the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Perhaps the main feature is that there are no glass skyscrapers in the city. The height of buildings is not more than 55 meters.

To visit all the sights of the city isn’t enough for two weeks, so if you want to see as many cult sites as possible, rent a car with a driver in Washington.

The main monuments are concentrated on the territory of the National Alley. In the south is Lincoln Memorial, in the center is a monument to George Washington. Between them broke the parks and the Botanical Garden. Closer to the west is open for free visits to the Library of Congress. It contains unique state documents of the XVIII-XIX centuries, manuscripts of national writers and rare books.

On the territory of the National Alley there is also a special complex, which includes the Museum of Natural History, Journalism and Media, the American Indians and the Art Gallery.

Interesting for visiting Hillwood, numbering more than 2000 works of Russian art. These are icons, paintings, sculptures, porcelain, traditional clothes. In the Frir Gallery, an extensive collection of the East is collected.

You can get to other cities by air. The planes arrive at the airports: Baltimore, Reagan and Dallas. There are both regional and long-distance flights.

Local residents use the metro, buses and taxis. There are trishaws, but it is more a tourist mode of transport, the route of which passes through the central districts. Buses go by the same scheme as the metro. In total he has 6 lines: yellow, red, orange, green, blue and silver. The work is carried out from 5:00 to 0:00, on weekends from 7:00 to 3:00. The trains run every 10 minutes. Tickets for all kinds are uniform, sold at central stations and stops.

If you don’t know how to get to Washington Airport, book a transfer in advance using the service. Let the rest in the US capital be perfect.