Transfer in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an ex-soviet country located in central Asia. This is an interesting place full of beautiful medieval mosques, mausoleums, and museums, perfect for cultural tourism. A few centuries ago the Silk Road connecting China and the Mediterranean passed through these parts. If you want to follow this route you might consider hiring a car with a driver in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent is the cultural and religious centre as well as the capital of Uzbekistan. There are a lot of historical monuments and other interesting sights here. For instance, the iconic clock tower of Tashkent, congress centre, and Tillya Sheikh Mosque. After a city tour visit the botanical garden to take a walk in a 200-year old pine forest. If you are travelling with a group you can use the passenger transfer service in Uzbekistan.

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A lot of tourists visit Uzbekistan to experience the atmosphere, national cuisine, and the combination of traditions with everyday modern life. We encourage you to visit the ancient ruins in Samarkand or the Palaces of Shahrisabz.

This is a fascinating country. You will always remember its nature and hospitality. You can hire a car with a driver in any city of Uzbekistan and visit all the neighbouring towns and villages. It’s important to feel safe and comfortable while exploring a new country. Book a transfer in Uzbekistan and prepare for new adventures.