¡Bienvenido a Pula!

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The Pula is located on the Croatian Peninsula of Istria. According to legend, the city was founded by the Argonauts, when they were traveling for the "Golden Fleece». Indeed, it was founded by the Greeks, and its prosperity it was in the Ancient Rome period. Bordering on the Adriatic Sea the resort is surrounded by seven hills. There is one of the most important ports in the Bay, where tourists arrive in Croatia.


In the Pula you can travel into the Middle Ages. The European narrow streets and architecture in the ancient, Gothic and Romanesque styles contribute to this atmosphere. All the memorable places you can explore by walking, because the town is small. So, what’s worth to visit in Pula?

Croatia was a Roman colony BC, many of the ancient monuments of those times have survived to this day. Pula is symbolized by the tourists with its Amphitheatre, its construction is analogous to the Colosseum and the amphitheater in Pompeii. According to legend fairies who do not have time to finish it before sunrise created the arena. According to the official version, the building was constructed in the Ist century A.C., but authorship is unknown. Today, as in those days, audiences demand "bread and circuses" were staging "Gladiator fights", wine and Croatian dishes. Arena towers above all buildings in the city, you will find it. Once inside, be sure to climb the top podium to make a memorable pictures on the background of the Adriatic sea and picturesque landscapes.

From the Amphitheatre you will see another highest building on the hill - the Venetian fortress Kastel, which was created by frenchman Antoine de Ville. The reason for the construction of the building was to protect the port of Pula, and today it is a historical Museum.

The ruins of the small Roman theatre you will find just below the fortress. It was built as an Amphitheatre, in Ist century BC. According to the archeological excavations, it consisted of 2 parts: the stage and seats for 5 thousand spectators. You can see it by the remainder of the building Foundation. People talk that the materials of the demolished theatre was employed for the castle of Antoine de Ville. In summer, there are open performances on historical subjects on the stage, where Roman tragedy of Taecilius and Terence played once.

There are a lot of monumental temples and churches with columns in the Pool. For example, the temple of Augustus, which is more than 2000 years. The structure has served as a Church, grain storage, shelter and finally became an attraction for tourists, where there is a small exhibition of sculptures now.

Definitely you should visit the Church of the Holy mother of God of Mercy, which established in 1389. Concise structure topped by a bell tower, which calls for believers and tourists to this day.

The chapel of St. Mary Formosa is near Piazza Dante. Access to the inside of the chapel is closed. It is only accessible in the summer months as part of the feature of the exhibition. Once the chapel was part of the Basilica. But it was almost destroyed by fire in the 13th century. The survivors of the column were taken to Italy, you can be seen only the remainder of the building stones and fragments.

There are two canonical monastery of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis of Assisi near the Arena. Both structures belong to the mid-twentieth century and are active to this day. The Bell Tower Of St. Antony is the highest point in the Pula, and the Church of St. Francis has the altar of the XV century, remaining from the previously built on the site of the Church of St. John The Baptist.

Kandlerova street, in the city center, connects many attractions: the aforementioned amphitheater, the Forum, where the ancient Romans had discussed vital issues and the Hercules gates that were serving more than one century entrance to the city. Subtle relief in the form of the head of a mythological hero gave name to the gate.

The city has museums of art and history which immerse travelers in the mentality of Croatia during the whole period of its existence. But, we think, after self-guided tours of architectural monuments, you managed to leave in your heart a part for ancient Pula.

The cultural program should be replaced with active program. And how to spend leisure time at the resort? Of course, you ned to go to the beach and go surfing or sailing, diving and dive to the sunken ship "Baron Gauch".

2. Road and transport

There aren’t direct flights from Russia to Pula. Transit flights pass to the airport in Zagreb. You can be reached by shuttle Brioni from the air pier of Pula. It departs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the morning and evening. Other days and hours you can comfortably deliver by carriers of Get Transfer company. Leave an application and our manager will calculate for you the cost of the trip, and early booking will save you from spending extra money and time after a long flight.

3. Hotels and hostels

There are both cheap hostels and hotels presentable in the Pula. You can pitch a tent or lower the anchor with the house on wheels on the closer to the coast, specially equipped free campsites. Rent an apartment in Pula is also possible, but not recommended, because for the same money you can rent a comfortable room with breakfast.

According to the reservation system, there are a lot of hotels in the Pula, but not all of them meet the requirements for service and "all inclusive". Lantana Resort Hotel Apartments, evaluated with 4* and is the most popular hotel in this category. The way on the free shuttle from the hotel to the Nori's beach will takes only 15 minutes.

The Marin hotel is close to Piazza Dante. Distance to the beach is 1.5 km, but it will be pleasant to walk through the historic center. The guests noted that the price included a delicious breakfast.

For those people who do not spend money on their vacation and wants to stay away from the bustling city, we offer you to stay at hotel Costa dei Fiori, which serving delicious breakfasts in the fresh air. The beach line is only 700 meters, but you will need to go to Pula by tranfer. We offer you to rent a car with a personal driver on Get Transfer services for your comfortable way. The driver can wait for you with tours, meet you from the restaurant and get back to the Villa.

Remember, you need make a reservation at any time of the year in advance.

4. Restaurants and cafes

There are various eateries, inexpensive cafes and fine dining restaurants on every street of Pula. In the menu you will order not only of Croatian cuisine (famous for prosciutto, signature wines, hot police and tasty strukli), but also traditional European food. Since Istria is bordered by Italy, dinner is a real spaghetti or cream soup. By the way, you can have a cheap and tasty snack - inspired by flavours from Italy a fragrant pizza, or the Croatian bajadera dessert and Griot with a mysterious white coffee. You can try it all at the TiVoli, Marco Polo, Kod Kadre, Pizzeria Asterix. Speaking of gastronomical delights, excellent service and unusual presentation of dishes, we must mention the Ribarska Koliba. The location is convenient for eating unusual foods: the panoramic windows offer views of the confluence of the calm sea and clear sky. When it gets dark, it is particularly interesting to admire the starry sky. Restaurant address: Verudella 16 | Ribaska Konoba Resort.

By the way, there are tents with ice cream Ledo on every street. One ball costs only 5 kun: a very affordable way to cool off in the heat.

5. Night life

When the sun starts goes down, spilling the sunset along the coast, local places of entertainment wake up in the city and on the beach. In most cases, this lounge bars and clubs with a wide range of cocktails: "Aruba" with two dance floors, stylish "Black and White" and "Pietas lulia" on the waterfront. A place for everyone: for those who want the sunset to rest under relaxing music, for those who want to actively spend the night. The most popular place for tourists is the bar "Monte Serpente" in the center of the city because the location and continued dancing until morning.

But if you want to get away from the Bohemian party, it is worth visit pubs, depending on musical preferences. With old-school design, where all the rock-n-roll, performed "Rock Bar Mimoza": on the wall hangs a large portrait of Jim Morrison, and plays appropriate music. In Cabahia Bar, by the way, jazz concerts often hosts and the bar is open at night.

To enumerate the list of all establishments impossible: too many for a small town, but enough for all tourists. Strolling late in the evening, you can go to some bars and then back to any.

6. Souvenirs

To buy gifts for relatives and friends, you need to go to the city center. Near the "Golden gate" are the souvenir shops with the best prices and for every taste. It is worth noting that the weekend was a small gift work before lunch. You can bring gastronomy: wine and brandy in the original design, honey, spices, and local cheeses from Pula. In abundance on the shelves you'll find magnets with local sights and landscapes, leather goods, ceramics, figurines made of wood. For the interior of your apartment, you can buy a silk tapestry. Skillfully made carpets on historical and literary themes you will find in almost every counter is the most popular gift of the Pula.

Don't forget that the city only accepts local currency – the Kuna (HRK).