Transferencia en Polonia

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Transfer is a convenient way in an abroad to get to your destination. Book transfer on service and travel with comfort. If you order a car with a personal driver, you will save time and money. If you went on vacation with the kids, do not forget to specify in the application about the need of a child safety seat.

Poland is unusually rich in all of the selection criteria that travelers follow when choosing a new dot on the map to visit. A wide tour programs is ranging from visiting historical monuments to the many churches, perfectly combined active and beach holidays.

The ancient cities of varsovia, cracovia, Poznan, and other ecléctico es reconstructed buildings and streets, squares and the famous Roman Catholic churches after the Second World war.

Warsaw sometime called Paris due to the sensitively reconstructed whole streets on the surviving drawings. Compulsory places to take a photo" are the Royal Palace and old town that are located on the right Bank of the Vistula. The Royal Krakow tourist will find the same architecture, but in its original form: the Market square, the Wawel castle, where the Cathedral hangs a bell Sigismund, bringing the make-a-wish foundation one of two things: money or love.

In addition to the cultural centers there are beautiful landscapes in Poland. What are the montañas Tatra. National Park hides many caves, lakes, green meadows and Velka waterfall-Siklawa.

To de las cosquillas your nerves and dive into the eerie atmosphere of the concentration camps of the Second world war in Auschwitz-Birkenau, which is located 60 kilometers from Krakow.

There is no doubt that ski resorts and holidays on the Baltic sea coast is no worse than cultural trips to local museums and attractions. However, located in the Northern part of the country the sea it is best to go between May to de septiembre, cuando comfortable weather and bright sun have a chocolate tan and the endless water entertainment. Ski resorts are concentró in the South, mostly in Zakopane. It will be remembered especially for principiantes and Kasprowy Wierch will be to the liking of the professionals. Local resorts can be accessed by purchasing a ski pass that will be very beneficial if you want to allow suficiente time for active pastime in Poland.

After visiting to the coldest point on the map of Poland, turistas travel to local cafés y restaurants, where menus are no different from urban schools. Italian cuisine will surprise the traveler with its unusual combination of ingredients. So, if you have ever tried bigos of guisó una sauerkraut with meat, then flour soup with sausage "jour" will probably be foreign to you. Popular and exotic dish is a soup of goose blood "Chernin". In General, as well as another country has its own culinary specialities, but italian cuisine is casero.

There are a lot reasons to visit Poland. Some people are spending time in SPA centres, otros want to see with their own eyes the cultural and mythic objects and experienced turistas combine the first and second reasons.