Transfer in Brest

Brest is the second most important city in Belarus located near the Polish border. You can get here by plane, the airport is only 15 kilometres away from the city. It will take you 30-40 minutes by bus or approximately 25 by taxi. You can book a transfer to ease your travels, the driver will meet you in advance and take you directly to your place of residence.

This south-western city was always a place of interest for all the major players in the region. It was initially a Lithuanian city, then taken by Rzeczpospolita, it was occupied by the French in 1812 and twice by the Germans in 1915 and 1941. For all the acts of courage in defending the homeland, the Brest Fortress was turned into a museum and memorial complex for Soviet warriors. It attracts 700 thousand tourists annually.

At the museum part of the complex, you can visit the Berestye archaeological exhibit. Here you will see ancient houses and learn about the life of ancient Slavs since a settlement has existed here since the Х century.

The weather in Brest allows sightseeing all year round. In winter it rarely drops below -4 and it’s around +20 in summer. Even when it’s hot the city has a lot of trees which provide shade.

The city is split into two districts: the historical Lenin district and the Moscow district with its industrial complex. They are connected by a pedestrian street where you can find shops and cafes. We advise you to try everything local the chocolate, cosmetics, and clothes by. You can also see a lot of products from neighbouring Poland.

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha is 60 kilometres from the city. Hire a car with a driver in Brest to visit the largest forest of Central Europe, home to the endangered European bison.