Transfer in Grodno

Did you decide to visit the Republic of Belarus? It is worth to stay in Grodno. The city was named ”Cultural centre” in 2014. There are lots of theatres, galleries and museums in the streets. Annually, there are great events arranged: festivals, national ceremonies and concerts that attract tourists all over the world.

Tourists visit Grodno to see the city historic district which came down to us from the XVIII-XIX centuries. You can go by train or plane from Minsk to get to the administrative centre of Grodno district. The airport is 18 kilometres far from the centre. Public transport and taxi go between the airport and the city. If you book a transfer, you will save time and money, and the driver will definitely meet you.

What to see in Grodno? The city shares borders with Poland and Lithuania, so the local atmosphere is distinguished from the capital of Belarus. It is a strong European influence in the city centre, and it has a national identity at the same time. There was the residence of Polish kings who built the Old Grodno Castle on Zamkova Hora to come there. Now it is a place of the historical archaeological museum. Alongside the Old castle, there is also the New castle where you can see a part of the historical exposition.

There are 7 exhibition facilities in the city. The most exciting one is the Pharmacy Museum where are different medicine books, doctors’ tools and “the alchemist’s place” (reconstructed laboratory of ancient medicine). The Kalozha church is also an exciting place to visit. It is one of the only monuments of the Black Ruthenian. It is worth to visit St. Francis Xavier Cathedral altar adorned with a recherche multifigured composition. There are refurbished the Regional Puppet Theatre and the Great Synagogue of Hrodna. Rent a car with a driver to see as many city sights as possible in Grodno.

If you want to go shopping in Grodno, it is worth to begin with Soviet street. Many tourists go to buy different trifles there. If you are fond of big malls, you will also like “Neman” and OldCity. Every last weekend of the month, “Fair of Antiques” takes place in the former house of textile workers. If you need some unique things, go to “Tsudoynya”, “Lyolya” or “Tkallya” where you can see the housewife working at the traditional embroidered shirt.

There are 80 routes of public transport for comfortable moving around the city. Buses and trolleybuses start going from 5-6 o’clock in the morning and finish their route at around 22. The average traffic interval is 20-30 minutes. Use taxi services in Grodno, if you don’t want to be dependent on public transport timetable.

The best time to visit this city is from April until October. Local people go on their vacation and it is not so hot in summer. Nice weather is not uncommon in Grodno. You will feel comfortable while sightseeing.

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