Transfer to Bourgas

Discover the remote corners of Bulgaria, the oldest country on the Black Sea coast. Enjoy nature, deserted clean beaches and ancient buildings. Before you go on a trip, take care of all the details in advance: book a transfer from Burgas Airport through the service

The city is the largest tourist and industrial region of the country due to active development in the XX century. At the very beginning it was a small fishing village with sea fortifications. But after the opening of the port, it became the second largest city after Varna.

Bourgas is located in the eastern part of the Bourgas Gulf, there are many mineral lakes and historical places in the vicinity nearby. In the center stands the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, whose stained-glass windows are famous for their skilful decoration.

Learn more about the country and Bulgarian culture can be thanks to educational excursions around the city and museums. For example, Ethnographic presents traditional clothing, household items, ornaments. The archaeological remains of artifacts, which are more than 2000 years old. Along the coast stretches the Marine Park with attractions for children. Next to it is the Summer Theater, where performances of plays by national authors are performed under the open sky. On the dock there is an observation deck, from where a wonderful view of the sea and the city opens.

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past you need rent a transfer and go to Sarafovo. There is an exhibition of the ruins of the ancient port, the defensive fortress and the embankment. In the next quarter Kraimorie excavated the remains of the settlement that preceded Bourgas.

The city has more than 400 buses, trams and trolleybuses. The route consists of 33 central and suburban transport lines. A detailed map of the movement along Burgas is posted on the administration's website. From the central bus station, long-distance flights run to Varna, Sofia, Nessebar and many other destinations. From the Western station, trains leave for Istanbul and Komotini. If you don’t know how to get from Burgas to Sunny Beach, use the shuttle buses or book a transfer at The driver will arrive on time at the specified address and with comfort will take him to the destination.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure to see new places, get acquainted with other cultures and customs. Let the rest in Bulgaria be remembered for a long time.