Transfer in Nice


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Going to one of the most famous resorts of the Côte d'Azur, you need to plan ahead and plan your trip. Choose the hotel, make a route of excursions, and also book a transfer in Nice at It will save you from the queues for the bus and will give you amazing impressions at the beginning of the trip.

Nice is an ancient city, founded in 350 B.C. the ancient Greeks. It combines the refinement of the French and the expression of Italians. Nice is still a favorite holiday destination for tourists. There are a developed infrastructure and full of interesting sights.

The resort is conventionally divided into two parts by the river Pejon: a modern and dynamic right and with leftovers of the past centuries. The most popular tourist area is "Old Nice". There are monuments of art and architecture: St. Francois and Salei Square, the Palace of the Commune and the Governor, the Senate and the Cathedral of St. Reparata. And also it is worth to visit the numerous bars, to buy in the famous boutiques and local shops on the avenue Jean-Medsen.

Nice is an eclectic city. You can stroll through the narrow streets, admiring the baroque churches and cathedrals or among the stone walls in the wide square in front of the Massena Palace of the 20th century in the style of Belle Epoque. Without hesitation, go to the palace of the XVII century Laskari, where an extensive collection of antiques and paintings.

Museums of Nice aren't inferior in quality of meetings and the richness of sightseeing programs to exhibitions in Paris and Lyon. The Museum of Fine Arts holds the original Monet, Degas, Renoir. There are not only his works, but also sculptures, graphic drawings in the museum of Matisse.

Having joined the high, it is pleasant to walk along the main waterfront of the city, English, and enjoy the amazing views of the Bay of Angels. Don't forget about the square of Garibaldi, Massena and Saint-Francois with the Town Hall building.

After successful purchases, an appetite awakens. You can quench it by trying traditional fish soup "buyabes" or sandwich with tuna "pan-banya". If you need to find fresh oysters, then a direct road to Kur-Salei Street.

You can move around Nice in several ways: bus, tram, taxi and bicycle. In inexperienced tourists, the question often arises: "How do I get to Nice airport?" because of its distance from the city. It is better to solve this issue in advance and rent a car.

The most important thing in a trip is impressions. Therefore book a transfer through the service and enjoy the adventures in Nice. And it will definitely.