What to see in Tbilisi in 3 days

The sun always shines there, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the air smells of spices and tobacco. There, smiling people walk in the streets, cats and dogs get in their way. There are mountains, Orthodox churches and a sense of real life. I wonder where this place is? We will tell you. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has long won hearts and all admired praises not only of local residents, but also experienced travelers.

How to get there?

Shota Rustaveli International Airport Tbilisi is the main air hub of Georgia. It is located 17 kilometers from the center. There are three ways to get to the city: public transport, transfer and taxi.

The fare on the bus №37 is 50 tetri. If you have any questions, contact the conductor or the driver. The road takes 60 minutes, as the route passes through the whole of Tbilisi. Combine business with pleasure: save on the trip and arrange your first sightseeing tour. Opening hours: daily from 06.00 to 22.00 every 30 40 minutes. Some hotels have a transfer order for their guests. This needs to be clarified in advance.

By taxi go faster, about 30 minutes, but more expensive. The cost of the trip will be from 20 to 40 GEL. We recommend to exchange the minimum amount immediately at the airport to get to the city.

Where to stay?

In Tbilisi, even the most budget traveler can stay in the center. Comfortable hostels are located in the Old Town. Valiko Hostel and Bar on Galaktioni Street, 24 or Pushkin 10 on the street of the same name are ideal options for those tourists who want to immediately find themselves among the old mansions and monuments.

For those who appreciate privacy and tranquility, the option of renting apartments. Diplomat Apartment on George Leonidze Street, Old Gold on Abesadze Street or Apartment on Tabidze on Tabidze Street, 9. The main sights are at a distance from 500 meters to 1.5 kilometers.

You can also stay in world class hotels. For example, in Tipsy, Europe or Shota Rustaveli Boutique on Shevchenko Street, 1. Regardless of the choice of location, be sure that you will always be met with a friendly and cordial, will try to answer all questions and create the most pleasant conditions for living.

Where to go?

On the first day, go for a walk in the Old Town. There are active Armenian churches Surb Gevorg of the XIII century and Nor Echmiadzin of the XIX century, an art bazaar with painted carpets and handmade dishes, as well as small street cafes with churchkhela. The cobbled narrow streets will lead you to the Peace Bridge, the most modern construction in Tbilisi. It runs across the Kura River, connecting the right and left banks. From there, you need to walk to the Tsmind Sameba temple, which can be seen from anywhere in Tbilisi. This is the main Orthodox church in Georgia, whose height reaches up to 100 meters. Inside the floor is made of marble, and the windows are decorated with frescoes by national artists. You can walk here in the park and admire the swans and ducks swimming in a small pond.

The second day is devoted to active entertainment. First, take a ride on the funicular, watching the city from a bird's eye view. It is located on Chonkadze Street, cost from 3 to 6 GEL. The stop will be at the Mtatsminda amusement park. It built the largest and most modern entertainment complex for children and adults. The monument “Mother of Georgia” or another name “Mother of Kartli” towers 5 kilometers from it. Statue of a girl with wine and a sword. This is the most visited place in Tbilisi, offering a breathtaking view of the city. Then we recommend to buy a ticket to the National Botanical Garden in the gorge of the Tsavkisistskali river. In addition to rare plant species, there are several wild canyons with small waterfalls on its territory.

On the third day it is best to go to Mtskheta, the ancient city and the former capital of Georgia. There you will see the ancient cathedrals of Svetitskhoveli and Samtavro. To the north of them is located Bebristsikhe fortress, where military cannons and local household utensils are still kept. From the height of the mountain peaks one can see how the two rivers merge, but do not lose their color: the Aragvi and the Kura. Then you need to go to the Georgian Military Road and get to the castle Ananuri of the XVI century. The distance is more than 65 kilometers. The Orthodox churches of the 17th century, Assumption and Spassky, are preserved inside the bastion walls. Next to Ananuri is the Zhinvali reservoir, surrounded by the mountains of Upper Lars. In the summer you can swim and fish.

Where to have lunch?

There is a real food cult in Georgia. No meal is complete without a glass of homemade red wine and freshly baked bread. In the capital and regions, cooking is treated with special attention and trepidation. Some recipes are handed down from generation to generation. You will not find khachapuri or lobio of the same taste, as cooks use different proportions and ingredients. Below is a list of interesting places where very tasty cooked.

  • Restaurant Salobie Bia on Machabeli Street, 14

    Be sure to try odjahuri, that is, potatoes with meat, or jonjoli, a tomato salad with pickled flowers. The interior of the place resembles a cozy homely kitchen. Attitude to the guests is appropriate: it seems that your relatives work with whom you have not seen for a long time.

  • Begeli Restaurant on Michael Tamarashvili Street

    People come here for the atmosphere of old Tbilisi, cozy evenings by the fireplace and stunning khinkali. They are made from green, red and yellow dough, in which seasoning from basil, turmeric, ginger or coriander is added.

  • Cafe Dadi on Shalva Dadiani Street

    Here they cook Georgian ricotta cheesecakes for breakfast. For lunch, locals eat a warm pate of pork and beef on corn tortillas. The cafe has an excellent selection of home wines. Guests can taste each and choose the one they like the most.

  • The Orangery Garden Restraunt on Mosashvili Street, 13

    Try Elarji with nigvziani Kharcho corn porridge with meat boned in hazelnuts. This is a traditional Mingrelian dish that is served for dinner.

  • Restaurant Veriko on Vasily Petriashvili Street, 1

    Chikhirma or chicken soup with green pea sauce is considered the hallmark of the place. The design of the restaurant resembles a large living room, in the center of which there is a bar counter. In the evenings, guests play instruments and sing romances.

We should also mention the khachapuri. There are a huge number of them in Tbilisi.

  • Megrelian Khachapuri.

    On top of the dough, put a second layer of Suluguni cheese on top of the tortilla. The dish is baked in ovens or ovens to fry the entire three layers.

  • Adjar Khachapuri.

    Cooked in the shape of a boat, stuffed Suluguni cheese, egg and butter. The last two ingredients are added at the end.

  • Khachapuri in Imeretinsky.

    The main difference from the rest is that the filling is Imereti cheese. Roll out the dough in the shape of a circle and add a large amount of Imereti cheese.

  • Khachapuri-lazur.

    Inside goat cheese, and on the top layer of Suluguni.

  • Khuriy Khachapuri.

    It is baked in the shape of a semicircle. Inside add cheese, boiled egg and spices. This is the main dish for Christmas in Georgia.

Tbilisi is truly an amazing city, in which you want to return. It is not enough to visit here once and say that I saw everything. The capital will be opened again and again from an unexpected side. Only one thing remains the same Georgian hospitality and hospitality. With a smile, they will show you the way, tell you where it is better to try acmu or foam, another kind of khachapuri. Coming here, there is a feeling that already was, but a very long time.

If you want to find adventure, look at the world with different eyes, or feel calm among the mountains, we recommend visiting Tbilisi.