Transfer to Schönefeld Airport

Schönefeld Airport is 22 kilometers from Berlin. This is the largest air hub in the entire Brandenburg region. Every year it receives over 7 million passengers. There are four terminals in the territory: A, B, C and D. The first two are in a separate building. They serve international flights and EasyJet. The third terminal is designed for special flights, and the fourth is for unloading the main ones. Book a transfer from Schönefeld Airport via, so that the trip to Germany starts comfortably.

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Until 1990, Schönefeld and Tegel were important for Germany, since they were considered the central air hubs. At the moment, the construction of the new airport of Brandenburg is under way, which will be more modern and modernized. Next to it, the railway station of the same name is built, from where a special express is sent on the route RE7 and RB14 to the capital. If you don’t know how to get to Schönefeld Airport, rent a car with a driver on the site There is also the possibility of booking a taxi. In each car there are meters, so the price of the trip is fixed.

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