Transfer to Dresden

Germany is famous not only for traditional Bavarian cuisine and Oktoberfest, but also for medieval monuments, classical architecture, art galleries. If you want to know exactly this side, then it's better to go to Berlin or Dresden. The capital of Saxony, the East German federal state, is known as "German Florence". Here there are unique sights of the XII-XVI centuries. Book your transfer in Dresden through to see the center and the scenic surroundings.

This is a city of contrasts. In one street there is a conservatory and a rock-and-roll bar, a gallery of modern art and a museum of classical painting. The main style of decoration of buildings is baroque. Thanks to the refined architecture, a festive atmosphere is created.

The symbol of Dresden is the XVIII century Frauenkirche church with a massive gilded dome. During the Second World War, it was completely destroyed. After the end of hostilities, the temple was recreated anew. On the territory of the Zwinger complex, similar to the architecture of the French Versailles, there are many museums. The Gallery of Old Masters presents masterpieces of world art, including the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael.

Ancient jewelry factory stores the only green diamond in the world at 41 carats and unique in its shape and size sapphires and rubies. The Museum of Porcelain exhibits the legendary works from the Dresden and Meissen collections.

The Volkswagen factory is a visiting card of Dresden. Most of the building is built of glass, including external walls. The Pfund brothers' store, created in the XIX century, thanks to its amazing decor is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its walls are lined with special ceramic tiles, which depict scenes from the history of the city.

In Saxony, there are many ancient castles. The restored Moritzburg or the "Cinderella Palace" and the impregnable Kribstein fortress, the center of the Crusaders, are striking. On the territory of Pil'nitsa is an amazing garden is the pride of German botanical science and landscape design. You can get to these places by renting a car with a driver in Dresden. It will be faster and more convenient than on public transport. Castles regularly hold concerts, theater performances and other events.

If you don’t know how to get to Dresden, use the following modes of transport. In the city there are buses, trams, trolleybuses and ferries. Many routes connect the center and distant quarters. Tickets are sold at all stops or drivers. Buses and trams run until 0:15. Trolleybuses and ferries - until 23:00. At night, only 2-3 transport lines operate every 60 minutes. In the capital of Saxony is a monorail and funicular railway of the XVIII-XIX centuries. It still works.

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