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Hamburg is called the German Venice due to the location of the buildings. Some of them are kept on piles installed in water. Many trade missions, branches of international companies, insurance organizations and banks are open here. It is considered one of the richest regions of the country. How to get to Hamburg, if you are traveling with young children? Book your transfer at The car is equipped with special seats and seat belts.

The city is located in the north of Germany next to the Elbe River, which flows into the North Sea. It is Germany's largest port with an active cultural and social life. He ranks third after New York and London in the number of musicals and plays staged. Ancient architecture, national theaters, museums and well-kept parks attract more than 13 million travelers annually.

In the center of Hamburg, you can take a boat trip on Lake Alster. Then listen to the live music played in cafes and restaurants on the waterfront. In the Old Quarter in the XVIII century, St. Michael's Church was built and a 132-meter tower is the symbol of the city.

From the bridge Trost-Brücke you can see a stunning panorama of the surroundings and main sights. From here you can see the oldest Town Hall of the XIX century, one of the first stock exchanges in the country and the ruins of St. Nicholas Cathedral. Now on its territory a monument to the period of the Second World War is established. The Church of St. Catherine in 1256 is considered to be the oldest in Germany. Inside the building there is an organ on which great composers played.

Be sure to visit Cilehouse is a unique example of German expressionism in architecture. In its form it resembles an ocean liner. If you want to see not only the main attractions, but also the neighborhood, rent a car with a driver in Hamburg.

Public transport is an orderly system for which single tickets are intended. You can buy them in vending machines at all stops. There are intraurban №1-14, suburban №20-27 and intercity buses № 15-20. Metro is represented by four lines and 91 stations. There are more than 6 river routes running here. Near the Fish Market there is a ferry stop #61 and #62. Also you can book a taxi or rent a bicycle. There are no trams and trolleybuses in the city. All transport goes around the clock.

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