Transfer to Debrecen

The country is famous for its health resorts, nature reserves and ancient architecture becoming more attractive for travelers. About Hungary before the XIX century there were many legends, now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. In the north is Debrecen is the second largest resort. At the same time, it is considered the capital of the Northern Great Plain region. In the territory of the famous park "Big Forest" numerous sanatoriums and thermal spas were built. When booking a hotel, don’t forget to book a transfer from Debrecen Airport on

Many centuries ago in the place of the resort there were small villages where the inhabitants were engaged in agriculture. Centuries later, an administrative and cultural center was established here, which became one of the largest and most important cities in Hungary.

In Debrecen, the National University was founded, in which 25,000 students from all over the world study. The architectural style of the main building of Nagyerda refers to classicism. High ceilings, spiral staircases, marble columns and plant patterns on the facade adorn the building. Annually the dean's office organizes an extensive excursion for first-year students, ordering transfers from Debrecen to get acquainted with the city and its history.

The center of the city is Kossuth Square, on the territory of which stands the Reformed Cathedral of the XIX century with two massive towers. Nearby is the eponymous college, which stores valuable exhibits for the history of Debrecen. The Dery Museum has an exposition of archaeological finds, medieval art, ancient weapons, and folk craft items. The religious symbol of Bulgaria is the Great Church, the cultural heritage and national pride. Mihai Pecsi, creator and chief architect of the project, worked on the project of the cathedral for 17 years. The number of seats inside is 1800. In the XVII century, Györde Rákoci presented the temple with the famous "Bell" weighing 5 tons.

In addition, the oldest hotel Golden Bull, built in the XIV century, still operates. The cafe, located here, serves national dishes.

Also in the city there is a zoo, a planetarium, several water parks, a botanical garden and famous thermal baths that restore health and strengthen immunity.

Public transport is represented by three lines of buses, trams and taxis. There are long-distance and suburban flights. Everywhere there are bicycle rental points, for which special tracks for comfortable movement are equipped. The city can be walked around for 3-4 hours. Tickets for travel are paid at the Central Station, from where most of the transport goes. If you were in this city for the first time and don’t know how to get to Debrecen, book a transfer service through and enjoy a trip around the area. Thus, you can see many interesting sights, saving time.