Transfer to Jerusalem

From Biblical times this place is the main shrine for the worship and pilgrimage of Christians, Jews and Muslims. When visiting the capital of Israel, don't forget to book a transfer through service, if you don't know how to get to Jerusalem.

The city, located in the Middle East to the west of the Dead Sea, is officially the capital of Israel, and unofficially, still, is considered the capital of Palestine. The independence of this country is partially recognized by the world community. Because of this historical misunderstanding, there are still fierce wars and disputes. Earlier, ancient Jerusalem on maps was depicted in the center, because here there were events from the Bible.

Conditionally the city is divided into several quarters, in which representatives of different faiths live. In the Christian quarter is the main shrine is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on the site of the Golgotha ​​Gardens. Here Jesus was crucified and buried. Tour guides conduct tourist routes with a visit to the church of Alexander Nevsky XIX century. Many pass the Road of Sorrow, the last path of Christ.

To the west is the Garden of Gethsemane, on the territory of which there are important religious sites. Church of All Nations of the XX century, where not only Catholic but also Orthodox services are being held. On the Mount of Olives are the remains of the Virgin Mary, and the Mary Magdalene monastery is built on the site of Jesus Christ's praying on the night of the arrest.

In the Muslim quarter are two churches, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, revered as much as Mecca. The first building rises at the meeting place of Muhammad with the prophets. The second is visible from everywhere because of the huge gilded dome. On the territory of the churches are stored artifacts: 3 hairs and the imprint of the prophet's foot.

The Wailing Wall is the most famous landmark in the world. It stands around the Temple Mount and is the only surviving part after the First Jewish War. Believers of all faiths put notes with requests to the Most High among the stones. The most important landmark of Jerusalem is the City of David, hence the construction of the city thousands of years ago. Historians managed to preserve fragments of the palace and the watchtower of the XIII century BC. In the Armenian quarter, the center of the local community was the Cathedral of St. James 12th century, where the apostle was executed.

Jerusalem isn't inferior to the number of cultural attractions in Tel Aviv. The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum stores exhibits: marble crosspieces from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and wooden panels from the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In the House of Quiet come to relax and feel the harmony around. On the walls are hung the pictures of your favorite local artist, Anna Tycho. This landscapes, and portraits, and sketches, made in pencil.

Here there are trams, taxis and buses, as well as special is No. 99. The route is designed so that during the trip you can see the main attractions. The bus departs from the Central Bus Station at 9.00. The tram line connects both remote and central areas of the city. Public transport doesn't work from Friday evening to Saturday evening. At this time, experienced tourists book a transfer in Jerusalem in advance.

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