Transfer to Tel Aviv

Israel is a land of eternal sun. It is known for its ancient sights and original culture. Tel Aviv is the second most polar city after Jerusalem. They come here not only because of interesting excursions, rest on the beach, but also for the sake of active pastime. After the end of the holiday season, the night life continues to be dynamic. When planning a holiday, don’t forget to book a transfer in Tel Aviv in advance through the service

The city is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its history began with the ancient port of Jaffa and a small Jewish district, which later became a real metropolis with a developed infrastructure. The main architectural direction is the bauhaus, simple lines, compact forms and clear outlines of houses. Most of these facilities are built on the territory of the White City. This name was given to Tel Aviv by the color of the facades. It is a part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Here, the Technological Museum of the Jewish People was opened, where the life of communities from all over the world is shown. Open to visitors and Eretz Israel, which is a large collection of archaeological finds and artifacts of the Philistine settlements of the XII century BC, revealing the life of that time.

The House of Dizengoff opened the Center for Contemporary Art in Israel, where local artists and sculptors exhibit their works. Periodically arrange thematic meetings, where novice poets and writers read their works for the audience.

Interesting for visiting the Neve Tzedek district of the XIX-XX centuries, considered a special value of Tel Aviv. It was the first quarter outside the old Jaffa. There was no definite plan for development, so houses arose in a chaotic order. Therefore, now the appearance is quite colorful and eclectic. Don’t forget to visit the national park, the center of the ancient city of Caesarea Palestine. The territory includes a beach and a harbor.

Tel Aviv combines the dynamics of modernity and the melodiousness of antiquity. Here, business centers are adjacent to one-story white houses, rich neighborhoods. For example, with unsuccessful areas of Takhana Merkazit.

From the central railway station trains are sent to all directions of the country. For example, in Beer Shem, Haifa or Nahariya. The only transport that works daily is a taxi. Cars are equipped with a counter and after the check is issued. Regular buses run from 5am to 12am. Popular routes among tourists number 5 and 18, passing through the center. Cycling actively develops, builds tracks and installs rental stations.

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