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Naples originated more than 2000 years ago on the coast of the same name of the bay near the volcano Vesuvius. Now it is the historical and cultural center of Italy, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to local, this is one of the most picturesque and at the same time contradictory regions of the country. Book a transfer in Naples via the service. It's fast, comfortable and safe. At the airport you will be greeted by a driver with a name plate.

Other popular destinations in Italy are Florence, Rome and Milan.

In the place of Naples were Pompeii, completely destroyed during the eruption of the volcano. Until now, archaeologists have found new artifacts about the life of the previous generation. According to legend, the settlement arose after one of the sirens jumped ashore.

In the city there are many ancient buildings, baroque churches, luxurious palaces and museums with unique works of art. A semicircle are quarters with restaurants, boutiques and nightclubs.

In the center is built the cathedral of St. Januarius with decorated frescoes from a rare type of glass, next to it stands the Castel Nuovo palace of the XIII century. In front of the building is the plebiscite square. On the opposite side it is surrounded by the Basilica of San Francisco di Paola. From here, city tours begin. A fabulous place is the chapel of San Severo. Outwardly it does not differ from numerous buildings, but if you go inside, then in front of you opens the skilful work of artists, woodcarvers and marble of their time. The walls are painted from floor to ceiling, and the legs of the chairs are decorated with bizarre beasts.

From the castle of Sant'Elmo, the road leads to the turquoise surface of the Gulf of Naples, the favorite place of the inhabitants. Closer to the night, dances begin here, which smoothly pass to the area of ​​Trieste-et-Trento.

For a comfortable journey around the city, rent a car with a driver in Naples. It should be borne in mind that at a later time nothing works. Public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses, trams, metros, taxis, and also funiculars, more often used by tourists. Metro appeared only at the end of the XX century, consists of two lines number 1 (city center) and number 6 (western part). For trips you can use the city trains No.2, 5 and 7, which run from the center to the far regions, and back. For all modes of transport, there are unified tickets throughout the day.

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