Transfer from Venice to Val di Fassa

The ski resort of Val di Fassa is located in the heart of the Dolomites in Italy. It connects the tracks with a total length of 220 kilometers. This is the most high-tech place for skiing. Val di Fassa is not inferior in popularity to the French Courchevel. Convenient location, quality service, stunning scenery of snow-capped hills and valleys attract tourists from all over the world. In the season 450 thousand guests come here.

On the territory of Val di Fassa live the ladies, the local population, whose history dates back several thousand years. In the city there are museums that reveal the culture of the people and its way of life.

The nearest airport to the resort is in Venice. It is from this city that most often get to the resort, given the relatively close location.

Ways to get from Venice to Val di Fassa

By bus 5 hours 25 minutes
This is the longest but budget option to get to the resort. From the central station of Venice in the direction of Val di Fassa, buses run six times a week to the Pozza station. There you need to take a taxi or rent a car with a driver.
By train -
There are no direct rail connections to Val di Fassa, so tourists travel with bus or car transfers. You can book a transfer from Venice to Val di Fassa via
Rent a car 3 hours
The distance between Venice and Val di Fassa is more than 190 kilometers. Some travelers prefer to build their own route to see how much more interesting is on the way. Book your car through the service
On the transfer from 2 hours 30 minutes
If you do not know how to get from Venice to Val di Fassa, book a transfer at 24-hour information support is available and qualified and experienced drivers work. Our carriers know short routes to the resort.