Transfer in Delft

Many tourists come to the Netherlands for its capital and ignore smaller cities. Delft may be not the most popular destination but it is certainly worth it to spend a few days in the city.

The nearest airport is in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, you cannot use public transport to travel directly to the city from the airport. You would have to make a stop at Rotterdam central station. It is 20 minutes to the station and another 20 to get to the city either by bus or train. If your flight arrives in Amsterdam, get ready for a 40-minutes trip on train (it is even longer on a bus). To save time, we suggest booking a transfer between cities.

Delft is a city of more than 100 canals. Here you can enjoy cute gingerbread houses and walk along the promenade. The main landmark of Delft is the XIII century Gothic church with a museum inside. Famous artists, Johannes Vermeer and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, lie here. There is a XIV century church on the Market Square nearby which serves as a tomb for the royal dynasty. On Sundays, worships or pipe organ concerts take place here. Opposite of the church stands the Town Hall, built in Renaissance style and decorated with sculptures and golden seashells. You won’t miss this marvel of architecture.

When choosing souvenirs, remember the signature of Delft –– white-blue ceramics and porcelain, which are sold in specialized shops.

If you decide to stay in the city, you should book a hotel room in advance.

The weather in Delft is usually nice, but sometimes a strong wind blows from the sea. It is easy to catch a cold, so be ready for that.

After a couple of days in the same place, you may want to change it. The first capital of the Netherlands is located between Rotterdam and Hague. If you plan to go there, book a transfer with a driver in Delft so that you don’t need to adapt to the public transport schedule.